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  • Rouge Advertising on this Forum

    As you will be aware there is a spate of rogue advertising despoiling this forum. Clearly, the services being offered by this advertising are illegal and to that end I'm not convinced that these people are actually offering these services but are infact pro Russian types aiming to ruin this website forum to turn readers and subscribers away from it. I have informed the website administration but they have been tardy in response according to previous reports from other registered subscribers. However, it know depends on the website administrators as to whether they wish to maintain this forum, or to let it become a ghost forum.
    If you wish to preserve this forum please take the time to contact the website owners on their website home page and at the very bottom of this page click on the "Contact Us" and write your feelings in the report scam heading. If you value this forum please make this effort. Thank you.

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    You're right, we've got a bunch of rogue ads last week or two. For now, all reported ads deleted and users banned. Let me know if I missed something.
    I visit this forum 1-2 times per week usually. But now I'm going to keep my eyes on it more carefully.
    Have a good time here.
    Ukraine Provider


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      Thanks Ivan, but it will need to be monitored as there is a high chance the rouge posters will return.