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  • travelling to Lviv

    In April I will attend the University of Lviv, im. Ivana Franka. I am currently living in Germany, and will fly out of Munich. My question is, what is the best way to get to Lviv from here. I have not found any flights into Lviv, only into Kiev. I have received recommendations to fly to Kiev and then train to Lviv, or to fly to Warsaw and then train to Lviv from there. Which is better? I am inclined to go through Kiev to preven having to go through passport control twice and also might give me a chance to spend a day in Kiev.

    thanks for your help
    дякую за допомогу

    Mike G

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    Take the train from Budapest. Allow yourself a couple of days in Budapest. Once you get to Munkachevo in Ukraine, get off the train,
    spend the night in Munkachevo and take the noon train to Lviv. (You get to Munkachevo
    about midnight) The Carpatian mountains
    are are a must. I am going the same route
    in August.
    Good Luck.


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      Take a flight to Warsaw or even better to Krakow (and of course allow yourself a couple of days there ). Then take a bus, not a train, to Lviev. It's really much more comfortable.


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        Hitch-hike to either Budapest or Krakow and just study there! ...unless anybody from Lviv actually suggests something more relative to your inquiry! (there is a couple of bus-routes to Lviv from Munich for sure but I don't have any whereabouts of those companies--they all advertise infront of the German Consulate in Kyiv) ...maybe somebody currently located in Kyiv can help?


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          There is no AIRPORT in KRAKOW and the trains only slow down a little.


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            Sure there is!!!
            It's called Balice and aircrafts from all over the world land there. It's small but it is. Wrrrrrrr Bill.

            And when I was going from Romania to Ukraine it took over two hours at the border as the trains are changing... .Whoops, I lack the vocabulary...What I mean is that the width of the rail is different and it takes some time at the borders.