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    LVIV MAGAZINE Issue 115, September 2018.

    Lviv Chocolate Festival
    October 12-15, Potocki Palace, (15 Kopernika str.,)

    Lviv is known across Ukraine and far past our borders for a delicious chocolate, so chocolate-lovers and those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to hear that the never-ending festival of chocolate – Chocolate Fest – will return to Lviv from October 12th to 15th. For several days in October, visitors of this “chocolate craze” will be able to visit the fair of chocolate products from the best manufacturers in the industry, participate in workshops by professional chocolatiers, witness the creation of fifty unique sculptures from huge blocks of chocolate and, of course, enjoy chocolate treats made by the most talented confectionary shops in Lviv. For more event information, please visit: Національне Свято Шоколаду.

    Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Fest
    September 28-30 at 16:00 at !FESTRepublic Club (24-36 Staroznesenska St.)

    Hosted by Lviv’s creative hotspot !FESTRepublic Club, the jolly Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Fest is all set to provide beer lovers the opportunity to sample Ukraine's as well as foreign finest craft brews and delicious eats, all in a pleasant relaxing setting. The Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival is the perfect opportunity for you to discover the different styles, varieties, products, and fermentation methods that master beer makers are bringing to market.
    Traditionally as one of event’s highlight will come the vinyl market, featuring some of Ukraine’s leading shops and collectors, as well as performances by Ukrainian musicians in several genres.
    You can meet new people, sample best of street foods from local vendors, enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment, and have a great time! Come and stay a while! For more event information, please visit

    HG FunkTronic in Lviv
    25 September at 19:30 at the Lviv Philharmonic Theatre (7 Tchaikovskoho St.)

    Keeping the good grooves flowing out of Korea’s Han River is HG FunkTronic, one of the busiest bands in Korea. The funk quartet is led by Hong Gie Kim, a teacher at the Baek-Seok University and the Seoul Institute of Music. Kim was the recipient of the Korea Jazz Award for Best Crossover & Jazz Album for 2013’s Point of Contact and Jazz People magazine nominated him as Korea’s best jazz drummer each year between 2013-15. HG FunkTronic will bring their unique brand of jazz – dubbed ‘K-Jazz’ – to Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city on 25 September, where they’re sure to play hits from their still-popular 2015 release Ready For Change. Tickets cost 100 – 250 UAH. For more information and ticket booking, please visit

    Race Nation
    29 September at 8:00 at !FESTRepublic Club (24 Staroznesenska St.)

    Apart from being custom-built for bragging rights, the modern obstacle course known as Race Nation is a more challenging test of full-body fitness than your typical 10k or cyclosportive. The combination of walls, pits, and barriers is designed to tax your upper body as much as your cardio. As the biggest, and perhaps the toughest, obstacle race in Ukraine, Race Nation features timing chips and obstacles that requires teamwork – some are simply impossible to get through alone, so helping competitors through mud pits and over walls is key. Typically, the race involves 5 km of racing with chunks of deliberate unpleasantness, like electric shocks or an icy water plunge, alongside the physically more challenging stuff. Today’s obstacle races like Race Nation are leading the way in a new era of adventure sports as the ultimate adult adventure playground. So, consider this as your call to (stronger) arms – sign up for Race Nation today and make 2018 a year to remember! For more information and registration, please visit or

    Animal Rights March
    30 September at 12:00 in Lviv’s Opera & Ballet Theatre Square (28 Svobody Ave.)

    Over 400 people marched in Lviv’s first official Animal Rights March last year in an effort to end all oppression of animals. Now, to the great excitement of animal activists across Ukraine, the event will take place in 10 cities nationwide, including on 30 September in Lviv. Last year the activists brought the idea to the street; this year let’s make is Bigger, Louder, Bolder, and Brighter! The future is here – we must continue to speak out on behalf of animals until the day that their suffering ends. For more information, please visit

    Lviv’s IT Arena Conference
    28-30 September at 9:00 at Arena Lviv (199 Stryiska St.)

    Looking to attend one of Eastern Europe’s biggest IT events? Then IT Arena is just for you! Lviv’s IT Arena conference is a major, three-day tech event in this part of the world. Already in its fifth year, the event unites thousands of the world’s influencers and brightest minds in the city of Lviv. With rousing speeches, the latest technologies, and hours of networking, it has become the place where the future is celebrated. It’s not only for C-level executives and company founders – business analysts, developers, designers, start-ups, and anyone thirsty for the latest trends and innovations also stop by. You’ll hear from IT experts while also getting the chance to rub elbows with some of the top minds in your respective fields. Last year’s event drew over 2,300 participants, over 100 start-ups, and more than 70 speakers – and this year’s event promises to be even bigger! Tickets start at 4050 UAH. For more information and ticket booking, please visit or

    Manhattan Short Film Festival
    27 September – 3 October at Planeta Kino Cinema in King Cross Leopolis Mall (30 Stryiska St. in Sokilnyky)

    An extraordinary global event will take place when over 100,000 people in over 250 cities across six continents gather in cinemas, galleries, museums, and cafés to view and vote on the finalists of the annual Manhattan Short Film Festival from 27 September – 3 October. A celebration of film that occurs simultaneously across the globe, the event brings great films to great venues to allow audiences the chance to select their favourites. This year the Manhattan Short Film Festival features nine finalists from eight countries: Austria, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, New Zealand, the USA, and two films from the UK. They represent the finest of more than 1,500 submissions from nearly 75 countries around the world.
    Leopolitan cinema lovers and guests of the city will get to enjoy an extraordinary range of film genres that include intimate dramas, a fast-paced animation, a World War II epic, a film shot entirely under water, and other spine-tingling tales. The films include Alberto Corredor Marina’s ‘Baghead’, Phil Brough’s ‘Fire in Cardboard City’, Dev Patel’s ‘Home Shopper’, More Raca’s ‘Her’, Marcus Markou’s ‘Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times’, Marco Gadge’s ‘Someone’, Barnabás Tóth’s ‘Chuchotage’, Jérémy Comte’s ‘Fauve (Five)’, and Tanja Mairitsch’s ‘Lacrimosa’. So, come on out and join the global voting for the best short film of 2018! Winners will be announced at For more event information, please visit or

    Lviv Producers Exhibition
    4-8 October at Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernika St.)

    Leopolitans deal-lovers and guests of the city interested in locally-manufactured products won’t want to miss the Lviv Producers Exhibition at the Lviv Art Palace from 4-8 October. The event puts the spotlight on local products and promotes export opportunities through the presentation of local manufacturers of food, chemical, paper, and furniture. The event also features several seminars, trainings, and roundtables for interested visitors. Entrance is free of charge, so be sure to stop by! For more event information, please call (032)297-5847.

    Golden Lion Theatre Festival
    29 September – 7 October at theatres and open-air stages throughout the city

    The annual Golden Lion Theatre Festival is not just a carnival, but a European theatrical tradition in its own right. It has also become one of the most prestigious forums in modern Ukrainian cultural circles. The festival dates to 1989, when the Ukrainian Festival of Alternative Non-State Theatres was first held in Lviv. These theatres emerged on the wave of rebuilding cultural processes in our country based on theatre groups and schools. Its name changed to Golden Lion in 1992 when it became a fully-fledged national festival. Every autumn since its inception, Golden Lion has transformed Lviv into a cultural and theatrical hotspot, providing Leopolitan culturistas and guests of the city with vivid impressions of a true carnival atmosphere. Golden Lion showcases premieres of experimental young theatres alongside more established and popular international troupes. This year’s festival will delight the theatre-going public with performances by troupes from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and Georgia. Ukraine will be represented by theatres from Kyiv, Kherson and, of course, Lviv. For more information and tickets, please visit or
    LOTS MORE Lviv Today | The heart of Europe - The soul of Ukraine

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    Yes, Lviv is really a beautiful city with amazing architecture. The coffee and chocolate in this city is simply excellent. I often visit Lviv and usually stay in this hotel .


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      I would say Hannia!! had shared massive stuff about that event, which would be really useful. A place for chocolate and coffee lovers. Here i am going to talk about Lviv Ice Cream Festival gonna be held in 3 days (Sat, Jul 20, 12 PM Sun, Jul 21, 10 PM) . Will be held at Lviv Town Hall i am sure there will be so much fun around. I am also very dispirit to be there and will definitely take flight to Ukraine after finishing my new york to niagara falls bus tour what about you guys???