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    Here’s where to ride horses, try hippotherapy in and near Kyiv
    KYIV POST Alisa Mala Updated Aug. 3 at 9:48 am

    Horseback riding, a sport that builds up strength, also helps to battle stress and to develop positive thinking, believes a trainer at the Pony Club horse riding school in Kyiv Anastasia Lytvyn.

    According to her, a horse feels if a rider is in a bad mood, so one needs to saddle it thinking positively, like “we will work together at improving this or that today.”

    “Then even a horse with an attitude — and every other horse likes to challenge you — will accept it and cooperate with you,” Lytvyn says.

    Each horse has a personality, an attitude, and even its own principles, Lytvyn says.

    “Some are so calm that you feel like you are sitting in a chair, while others require you to work in blood and sweat, but in the end you feel godly,” she says.

    The Kyiv Post has listed eight clubs and schools in Kyiv and in its outskirts to enjoy horseback riding, galloping, jumping, as well as to try use horse riding as a therapeutic treatment, known as hippotherapy.

    Club Konniy Manezh
    Located on the Dnipro’s left bank, this club offers horseback-riding lessons, hippotherapy and photo sessions. Other services include excursions to the stables, gift certificates, paintball on horses, horses for sale and a passport service for horses.

    A 45-min lesson — Hr 400; a ride through the forest with an instructor — Hr 400–550; a 35-min hippotherapy session — Hr 300
    35 Almatynska St.; 4 Akademika Butlerova St.
    Конный манеж | Добро пожаловать на наш сайт!

    This resort is located near a forest with open fields on one side and the Desna River on the other, offering scenic rides and photo sessions with horses. The club also has a detailed program for those willing to engage in hippotherapy sessions. Other services include transport of horses and stable rentals.

    Hr 2,400 per month (eight lessons); Hr 350 for one lesson; a hippotherapy session — Hr 300
    22 Tolstoho St.
    ### Прокат лошадей ###, прогулки на лошадях в Киеве

    Opened in 1999, Magnat offers different types of lessons by masters of the horseback-riding sport, as well as training for competitive horses. It is a true recreational spot for families, offering a variety of services to keep everyone busy, while the youngsters attend lessons: from the photo sessions to a restaurant. Additional services include a vet clinic, horse stables, and a conference hall.

    Lessons range from Hr 480 to Hr 815; a 1.5-hour ride in a forest from Hr 1,200
    1 Lypneva St., Chubynske village.

    Kentavr Horse Club
    Taking techniques seriously, it offers rides for kids aged eight and older and lessons for kids starting at 12, believing that horseback riding is both a great foundation and a worthy life-long skill.
    With its hippotherapy program, it promises to benefit nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems for individuals with malfunctions in one or several of those areas.

    Along with individual rides, romantic outings, and photo sessions in the forest, it also offers archery and knife-throwing lessons.

    Hr 400 for a lesson; Hr 1,450 for four lessons; Riding in the countryside — Hr 400 per hour
    Конный клуб Кентавр *** Прогулка на лошадях в Киеве *** Конная прогулка

    Sport Elite Stables
    Pony classes are great for kids, hobby classes for those who want to enjoy horseback riding in a relaxing environment, while sports classes offer a competitive edge. It also offers summer camps in Ukraine and the Netherlands.

    International and Ukrainian personnel explore both theoretical and practical sides to horseback riding, resulting in a well-rounded training for kids willing to take this sport seriously. In-club trophy competitions are organized for kids from four to 16 years old.

    Located on the bank of the River Kozynka, it has its own beach and a summer terrace.

    Other services include transport and caring for horses at one of the 25 stables, as well as a vet service.
    Free 15-min trial lesson; $400 per month (12 lessons)
    Kozyn village.
    Главная - Школа верховой езды Спорт-*лит

    Nabih Horse Club
    With seven horses and 30 ponies, the place welcomes both kids and adults who want to explore individual rides, or engage in horseback riding lessons.

    Known for its festivity-organization service, Nabih will be happy to host a party, or bring horses to any convenient location for an event. It can also assist one in buying a horse or a pony.

    Lessons from Hr 300; rides from Hr 250
    85A Vyshhorodska St.
    , - -

    School Horse Club SP
    During the 45-minute lessons, the riders will not only learn to ride horses, but will actively engage in saddling, feeding and cleaning of the horses and the stables, receiving a full experience of what it is like to own a horse. Those who wish to continue the sport in a competitive style, have a chance to do this at School Horse Club SP. Furthermore, summer camps are offered for a year-round enjoyment of the sport.

    Four lessons — Hr 2,000; eight lessons — Hr 3,800; 10 lessons — Hr 4,500
    1 Zapovidna St., Horbovychi village.
    School HorseClub SP – Just another WordPress site

    Pony Club
    With seven instructors and 10 horses, a flexible schedule of the horseback riding classes are built around promoting confidence in kids. Additionally, Pony Club offers classes teaching how to care for horses, as well as art and creativity lessons. Its hippotherapy sessions claim to lessen the spasms of those suffering from cerebral palsy.

    Lessons start from Hr 240 per 30 minutes; a one-hour horse ride in any location — Hr 1,500
    1 Vasylia Kasiyana St.
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