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Welcome to the 600th Birthday of Kosmach, the most famous village in the Carpathians

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  • Welcome to the 600th Birthday of Kosmach, the most famous village in the Carpathians

    Welcome to visit Kosmach on its 600th Birthday celebration 12 July 2012 !

    As you may know, Kosmach is the most unique and the largest village in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine. There are around 3 000 local artists of folk arts. It is the cultural centre of the Carpathians and Hutsul people, Ukrainian ethnos with very bright culture.

    List of events:

    11 July the Celebration starts with the Regional Tournament of Dju Do.

    12 July big Gala concert of folk music, Beauty contest “Queen of Kosmach”, Exhibition & sale of crafts, Hutsul Food Testing.

    13 July The 8th International Congress of Easter Egg Artists, Conference “Pysanka Unites Ukrainians”, Master classes in Easter Egg Painting and an exhibiton of Easter Eggs. Conference “Cosmach in the history of Hutsulshchyna and Ukraine”.

    Easter Egg Artists VIII International Congress in Kosmach

    Also check this information:
    Kosmach village website ''
    ENG: Kosmach
    Pictures on Kosmach website ''
    More info by Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Tourist Information Centre
    Regional Tourist Information Center Carpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk - Kosmach village
    Here are pictures of the festivals that take place in Kosmach:
    Kosmach pictures on Facebook
    Kosmach Hutsul Festivals
    Easter in Kosmach | Facebook
    Easter in Komach Festival

    Getting to Kosmach
    Distance from Ivano-Frankivsk (centre of the region) and Ivano-Frankivsk city airport is 90km, or some 1,5 hours drive by car.
    From Kolomyia to Kosmach 32km, distance from Kosiv is 30km.
    Car: from Ivano-Frankivsk to Kolomyia, further to Yabluniv, and Kosmach.
    Train: train to Kolomyia, then bus to Kosmach. The bus goes to Kosmach also from Ivano-Frankivsk daily at 16:40.
    Way Back
    Bus “Kolomyia-Kyiv”.
    Bus “Kolomyia – Lviv”.
    Bus “Kolomyia – Chernivtsi”
    Bus “Kolomyia – Ternopil”

    Private accommodation – stay in houses of people in Kosmach, B&Bs, guest houses, hotel.
    where to stay in Kosmach
    Traveling in the Carpathians and around*/*Search*/*Accommodation:
    in ‘Region’ choose : Ivano-Frankivsk region,
    ‘subgroup’: Kosmach

    Tsaryna Hotel & Restaurant
    website: "Tsaryna"

    Welcome to stay at Dmytro & Maria’s House – Vedmezhyi Lodge
    Kosmach, Kosiv rayon
    Vedmezhyi area (Prysilok)
    tel: (0038) 097-698-21-94
    Vedmazhyi Lodge on Facebook

    The Mayor of Kosmach: Dmytro Pozhodzhuk
    Kosmach Village Council
    (here you can find many very colourful pictures)
    Kosmach Village Council | Facebook
    Phone numbers of Kosmach village council
    +38 03478 57721
    +38 03478 57718