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Cheap accommodation in Kiev city center EURO 2012

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  • Cheap accommodation in Kiev city center EURO 2012

    Hello to everyone!
    I know there are a lot of people, who are willing to visit Kiev during EURO 2012 but the prices for accommodation are just crazy. Our team is absolutely against that and that is why we propose the best possible accommodation for the cheapest price.
    We were living abroad (USA, countries of Europe and Asia) for a long time, and we are really willing to show Ukraine to the rest of the world from the positive side. Not looking on the fact that we are not professionals in this activity, we know for sure what is needed for high quality tourism. That is why we are doing everything necessary from our side for you to spend your vocations in Ukraine in a pleasant and enjoyable way. We are sure that after that you will go back home with a huge sack of happy and memorable moments.
    Our prices start from 10 EUR/night/person for camping and 25 EUR/night person for place in wooden houses.
    To that i have to add that we have our accommodation in the picturesque places, full of greenery in the city center, or right next to it! A big plus is that there is a river nearby and a big territory around the houses where you can play games, make a barbeque or just to sunbathe!

    Our official web-page
    Our group on facebook

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    10 days left to euro 2012!

    Just 10 days left to the start of EURO 2012!
    Don't miss the opportunity to visit KIEV!! Except the accommodation we popose a wide range of services starting fom transfer and interpeter to extrreme tours to Chernobyl and shooting with AK-47!
    Join us))

    Sincerely yours,