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  • Visa for Ukraine

    We are to supply letters of invitation from where we are staying ie Hotel,Unit or Family. Is this for staying at the one location and do we need a letter for each location we visit?If we stay at a hotel and then wish to travel like tourists without any planned stop over what do we do then?Are we not free to roam and stop where ever we get to?
    Any one from Australia who has done the trip is welcome to give advise.

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    One letter of invitation will be plenty. You'll be free to travel after you leave the Customs and Immigration check point at the airport. If this is from family or a personal invite you will need to have the address that you'll be staying at with you to fill out the immigration form on the plane or at the airport. For extended stays you might need to get a stamp at the local police station or hotel. But I never bothered with it and didn't have any questions about it later.

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      To AkMike.
      Thank you. That does help.
      If I read you correct,the letter is an invitation to visit Ukraine and or family/friends or as tourist.
      Not a letter of proof of having accommodation etc.
      My next question will be in another thread.
      Again ,thank you.