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Intnernational Blacksmiths' Festival and City Day in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 07 May

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  • Intnernational Blacksmiths' Festival and City Day in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 07 May

    International Blacksmiths' Festival and City Day in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
    07 May - 10 May 2010
    Guest from all over the world.

    Festival is held during Ivano-Frankivsk City Day's Celebrations May 07 - May 08.
    Special events at Ivan Franko Music Drama Theatre, Philarmonia, National Houses, city centre and in Taras Shevchenko City Park.

    We offer sightseeing, interpreting, transfers and taxi service in Ivano-Frankivsk and in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.
    Shall you have any questions feel free to ask !
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    The Programme of the Blacksmiths' Festival 2010 Ivano-Frankivsk

    Friday 7th May, 2010

    • 9.00 – 18.00 – Sheptytskyy Square
    • Registration of the guests and participants
    • Demonstration of blacksmiths’ work
    • A fair of forged items
    • Execution of a composition “Swirl of Blacksmith Cities” by the Ukrainian blacksmiths and the guests from abroad
    • Blacksmiths from England, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries will demonstrate their skills
    • 10.00 - The official opening of the 8th Blacksmith Festival 2010
    • Lviv armourers Trigger Society under the guidance of Vasyl Kachmar, with authentic weapons and in costumes will greet participants.
    • 12.00 - Bohdan Popov School of Traditional Blacksmithing (Kyiv), master class “Art of an Anvil and a Hammer”,
    ● making a ceramic and air furnace, presentation of a self-designed anvil and hand tools for blacksmiths.
    • Master classes
    • Attending of the subject exhibition “A Sacral Sign in Blacksmithing”, 18-a, Rynok square, art-gallery “Legend”
    • 14.00 - The grand unveiling of the composition “Within the Framework of Blacksmith Traditions” forged in 2009, park next to Lesi Ukrayinky str.
    • 15.00 – master-class by Uri Hofi (Israel)
    • 18.00 -– “Blacksmith Cuisine” party: tasting of original Hutsulian ram on a skewer, original Uzbek pilaf and original Precarpathian borshch. Introducing. Making friends, communication, experience exchange. Entrance fee –about 10 Euros).

    Saturday 8th May, 2010

    • 9.00 – 17.00 – Sheptytskyy Square
    • Demonstration of castings and blacksmiths’ work, a fair of forged items, execution of the composition “ The Circle of Blacksmith Rings” by the Ukrainian blacksmiths and the blacksmiths from abroad
    • Blacksmiths’ master classes
    • 17.30 – a group photo
    • 18.00 – Conference, hall of hotel NADIA , 40, Nezalezhnosti St.
    • Blacksmiths’ presentations :
    • 1. Jouko Neminen (Finland) - “Artistic Metal of Helsinki”
    • 2. Uri Hofi (Israel) – “Ergonomic Blacksmithing”
    • 3. Heather McLarty, Eden Sanders – California Blacksmith Association. Annual conference, sharing experience in training blacksmiths, artistic works.
    • 4.Bohdan Popov, Ukraine, seminar “Ancient Approaches in Modern Blacksmithing or Post-Industrial Forging”
    • 5. Leonid Karelstein, Petro Vynogradov, Oleksandr Rmanov - presentation of the festival project `ARKH- FORGE` (Moscow, Ulyanovsk – Russia)
    • 6. Linas Leschauskas , the Head of Lithuanian Blacksmiths’ Association -“Lithuanian Artistic Blacksmithing. International Open Air in Klaipeda”
    • 7. Belgian team –the winner of the World Championship in Blacksmiths’ Competition 2009 in city of Stia (Italy)
    • 8. Ivano-Frankivsk – a member of the Ring of European Iron Cities
    • 9. Vasyl Hudyma, presentation of a Ukrainian-Spanish literature-blacksmith project.

    Sunday 9th May, 2010

    • 10.00 – the opening ceremony of 9th International exhibition “Ornamental Blacksmithing”, Artists Union Hall, 47 Nezalezhnosti Street.
    • 11.30 – departure for the excursions (participation by prior notice)
    • The end of the Festival.

    Monday 10th May, 2010

    • Excursions, socializing.

    Organizers offer Ukrainian smiths and foreign guests to take part in the creation of the collaborative sculpture-the decorative composition “The Circle of Iron Rings".
    " The Circle of Iron Rings " is a circular carousel, the centre of which will be decorated with symbolic rings made by every participant from each city and country. Rings may be sized 80-300 mm, any technique, forms, with interesting, individual decorative elements to author`s taste.
    Some more info and pictures here on this website:
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