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Polish border Medyka/Shehnyi

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  • Polish border Medyka/Shehnyi


    I've already been through this border post once, but on foot. This time I will be going through by car. I'm told that I can buy car and health insurance at the border on the Ukrainian side. Can anybody confirm this and tell me what the opening times are likely to be?

    Also, are there any restrictions on what I can take into Ukraine? I know there are limits on alcohol etc coming back into Poland, but what about taking supplies like food and cosmetics in to family and friends there? Are we likely to get taxed? We won't take a lot, but enough to top up the family supplies with the prices there getting very high.



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    For anybody searching this forum, this is what I found during my corssing last week.

    You can buy car insurance on the Ukrainian side of the border but be prepared to communicate in Ukrainian and to pay a bribe to get past the border guards who will insist you need a green card to get the car through. The insurance office is quite literally 20m from the border exit!

    Not sure if the insurance is really needed or not, I need to check. But my advice is cross on foot, get the insurance and then cross again by car.

    Also, our crossign took 5 hours!! About 1.5 hours waiting on the Polish side and the rest in the Ukrainian side. They are anything but efficient. The exit was quicker, about 30 minutes on the Ukrainian side whilst they finished their coffee then a 2 hour wait before a painless experience through customs and passport control on the Polish side, even with a car full to the roof with luggage and 4 passengers.


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      Once again I have more information regarding this border crossing and thought it only fit that I post this information here for anybody searching.

      I have confirmation from the Consulate in Gdansk that insurance is indeed required in order to cross the border by car. Goodness knows therefore why there is a little office selling insurance inside the border. My only guess is that people buy the shortest possible certificate and then purchase a longer cover at this office, as I intend to do.

      Regarding the border, this time I decided to cross on foot because I'v changed cars and don't have the documents yet. I parked in Przemsyl and took a cab to Medyka. There I discovered that there is in fact parking at the border. For just 6zloty/24hours but they are not guarded. So, there is a risk involved. 24 hour guarded parking in przemsyl is 12zloty/24 hours and the one near the main rail station is manned by a very nice chap indeed.

      If anybody has any information regarding a better time of day or week is best to get no queues, please do tell!


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        If you have the telephone number or email address (better) of the insurance sales office at the border I would appreciate it if you could post it here


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          Not such a trauma entering Ukraine

          I entered by car via Krakovec (E40) ,overtook the long line of trucks to get to the front of the queue. Followed the emptier EU lane (I'm an EU citizen) with two cars ahead of me and was searched by customs. Then the longer queue at passport control. I already had a green card insurance (AXA), but the Dutch motor cyclist behind me did not, so he was allowed to follow me through to the service station where I directed him to the insurance kiosk. Total time one hour 40 minutes..

          You will not get far without either green card or Ukraine purchased motor insurance. You will have a tough time with the traffic police if you haven't got it.