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How to go to Kherson from Kiev, Odessa

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  • How to go to Kherson from Kiev, Odessa

    How to go to Kherson from Kiev:

    1) by plane.
    If you want to fly to Kherson - you will need fly from Borispol (KBP) to Odessa (ODS) airport, because Kherson airport doesnt work. According to Aerosvit aircompany, flight will take about 1 hours and 20 minutes.
    Road from Odessa airport to Kherson by taxi will take 3-3,5 hours. It depends on traffic, weather and problems on Nikolaev bridge. Ask driver to take you directly to your apartment or hotel in Kherson.

    If you dont want to pay for from Odessa to Kherson - take taxi to Odessa bus station (it will costs about 100 grivnas) or take a bus from airport to bus station. Bus Odessa-Kherson (or minibus - marshrutka) costs 50-60 grivnas. If you have alot of luggage take regular bus. It is slow but it has luggage spaces.
    Marshrutka (minibus) more fast, but usually it doesn’t have luggage space. You will kill alot of time, but you will arrive to Kherson after 6-7 hours. Bus or minibus will take you to Kherson bus station where you will take taxi to your hotel or apartment in Kherson.

    2) by train.
    Train Kiev - Kherson (N 101/102) starts about 21.00 from Kiev and arrives to Kherson about 10.15 next Monday (road will take about 13 hours).
    Here aproximate prices for tickets from Kiev to Kherson:
    1st class sleeping carrriage (cabin for 2 persons, in russian pronouncing like “spal’nyi wagon”) - 330 ua grivnas;
    2nd class (cabin for 4 persons) [in russian pronouncing like “coupe”] - about 100 grivnas
    3rd class (has sleeping places for 6 persons) [in russian pronouncing like “platzkart” or “platzkartnyi wagon”] - about 70 grivnas.
    Kherson railway station is on Ushakova (main) street, where you will take taxi to your hotel or apartment.

    3) by bus
    Bus Kiev-Kherson (luxury buses by Gyunsel company) starts about 10.30 of morning from Kiev and arrives to Kherson about 20.30 of evening. (road will take about 10 hours). Ticket costs about 140 grivnas. You will arrive to Kherson bus station where you will take taxi to your hotel or apartment.
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      My 2 cents! Train from Kiev to Sevastopol, 21 hours, first class ticket, $80- Plane ticket round trip from Kiev to Simferopol, $90, 1.5 hours, taxi to apartment in Sevastopol, $10. No brainer here as to which way to travel.
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        I just returned from a trip to visit my girlfriend in Kherson from Canada. I took a plane from Montreal to Paris. Then from Paris to Kiev. Then from Kiev to Odessa. The air company I flown from Kiev to Odessa is called Dniepravia. The flight from Kiev to Odessa was 45 minutes and the plane was a Embraer 145. The cost was $250 US in Business Class. There was no more Economy Class seats available at the time I purchased my ticket. The flight was good, but with some minor turbulence. The taxi from Odessa cost me $250 US and the ride took 3 hours. The same to return to Odessa, $250 US and 3 hours drive. The roads were mostly rough, uneven. Some good areas. Lots of transport trucks on the road we traveled, the M14. The taxi driver drove very fast. Way too fast for my liking. It was a long, painful and quite dangerous ride. I was very happy to arrive at my hotel! If I were to return to Kherson, I would most likely take the train from Kiev, or take the taxi from Kiev. Depending on the price difference.