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Certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (Посв╕дчення закордонного укра╖нця)

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  • Certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (Посв╕дчення закордонного укра╖нця)

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has any experience applying for the "посв╕дчення закордонного укра╖нця". This is a certificate or permit that is valid for 10 years and renewable that gives ethnic Ukrainians who live abroad (and do not have Ukrainian citizenship) certain rights, such as the ability to apply for a permanent residence permit outside of the immigration quota, the right to a free five year multi-entry tourist visa, the right to education at the tuition rates of Ukrainian citizenship.

    The application itself is $10 USD, made through the local embassy or consulate of Ukraine where you live, however the documents required will likely cost a lot more. The requirements, as listed on the embassy page, are:
    - completed application form
    - passport document, or document that replaces it (i.e. travel document if you do not have citizenship)
    - copies of documents that prove Ukrainian ethnic origin or origin from Ukraine (if you were born in Ukraine yourself)
    - two colour photos, size 30x40mm
    - receipt of payment to the embassy for service (equivalent of $10 USD)

    Through talking to my local embassy, I have been told that copies of documents provided must be notarized and translated into the Ukrainian language (e.g., the birth certificates I have from Canada in English must be translated and notarized into Ukrainian to submit with the application).

    This is something I am in the process of applying for (currently collecting all necessary documents, which is proving to be costly and time consuming), and I just wanted to know if anyone else here has gone through the process and wanted to share some insight.

    Below are some links to resources/websites which discuss the topic, if you are just learning about this status and want to know more.

    УГЦК Молдова
    М╕н╕стерство осв╕ти ╕ науки укра╖ни

    Ministry of education and science of Ukraine