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Moving in a few months to Radyvyliv

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  • Moving in a few months to Radyvyliv

    Hey everyone, first time posting here.

    So In a few months(probably September/October) I'm moving to my mother's childhood home near Radyvyliv in Basharivka, from California. Now I want to bring my computer and that's essentially it apart from clothes. So I have a few questions.

    1. I heard that I can acquire Ukrainian citizenship through the consulate if my parents have proof that they were citizens once; they still have USSR passports stating they lived in Ukraine, would that be adequate? And what would the procedure be to acquire citizenship?

    2. Since I'm bringing my computer, I know I need an adapter, but are there any that are also surge protectors?

    3. Is it possible to run plumbing from a water well? Only electricity is available and no other utilities.

    4. Is labor expensive? (construction)

    Thank you in advance!

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    And one more thing, the house itself is about 90-100 years old, electricity was installed in 1976; would it be a good idea to have everything redone?


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      The only way that you might get a UA citizen Passport is to renounce your USA citizenship. Dual citizenships are not allowed.
      Shoot for a PR visa instead. (Permanent Resident) If you've never been there before I would think you should go visa free for up to 90 days to check it out first. Yes you can pump water with electricity. Labor is cheap compared to Cali. And the wiring should be looked over by some one in person not over the internet.

      Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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        First of all, congrats on your move.

        I think it's great that you're thinking in advance of all these things but like Mike said, you may want to try living there first before you renounce your US citizenship.

        I strongly suggest you get a good surge protector as electricity can go out more commonly than in the US, but more importantly, surges can happen.

        Construction can be cheap and can be expensive. I wouldn't recommend you tell whatever guy's you're about to hire that you're from another country as they may want to charge you more than locals.

        See whats been posted in the past day.

        Contact forum moderators here.


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          Welcome to the forum and Ukraine Mvert!
          I am originally from Rivne (Sarny district) oblast and go there once a month. Now re your questions:

          1. AkMike was right saying you can acquire Ukrainian citizenship (but you will need to renounce your US citizenship) and you can get the permanent residency status that does not require from you to renounce your US citizenship.
          I can email you the relevant legislation in the English language so you could read about requirements and the process.

          2. I am sure they are such ones. Being in Kiev the easiest way to get one is to visit the Radio Market (Рад╕о ринок). You can also find and order one online and get it shipped to Radyvyliv. Do not worry about that.

          3. Yes it is possible. This is exactly what my parents did. You can dig a small well with help of local workers. It will be cheap. If you need more water or you will have to dig a deep hole, then you will need to hire a special drilling car and that is very expensive. I could cost around USD 1000.

          4. Labor is cheap.

          Good luck!