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Internet from small town for working online

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  • Internet from small town for working online

    Hello.I wasn't quite where to put this topic. I met a special guy from Ukraine, but he lives in a small town outside of Kharkov. He says the internet connection there is rather unstable and he tends to use his internet via his mobile while at home and laptop at the hospital where he works.

    He wants me to go there to be with him. However, I need a rather fast connection as I work online as a trader. I really need to be earning my own income to pay things back in the UK and to keep my head above water. His salary isn't great, although he's a doctor. He says he makes only $200 dollars a month. Does that sound right??

    Anyway... Does anyone know of any mobile internet service that I can use if I were to move there, so that I can work daily?

    Also, by any chance ..if I'm earning my money from outside of Ukraine (with UK bank account) online while living in Ukraine, I assume Ukrainian authorities won't count me as working and tax me or require that I have a work visa or am I wrong?