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Looking for a 2 room (1 bedroom) apartment in Kiev!

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  • Looking for a 2 room (1 bedroom) apartment in Kiev!

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a 2 room (1 bedroom) apartment in the wider Kiev center - right river bank. My price range would be around 700 - 850 USD, depending on the apartment and location. The landlord needs to be willing to register me with ZHEK, since this is required for my temporary residence card.

    I am a 29 year old single male, working for an international company in Kiev.

    Please let me know your offers here or by private message. Thank you in advance!

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    Good Luck!
    With the laws of 'propiska' I doubt that they'd give up rights to the property. IF you have a kid there the landlord can't get rid of you until he's 18 yo. My step son and his wife are renting in Kyiv now. He's registered in Cherkassy at his fathers apt. My DIL is still registered at her mothers place at Katerniopol.
    If you're lucky enough to find someone allowing this I bet you're going to pay thru the nose for it. Maybe 2K USD per month.
    Can't you use the address of your firm for the registeration and rent elsewhere?

    Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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      Just want to agree with AkMike about the registration problem here in Ukraine.So I would suggest you not to hesitate with this. Good luck.


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        Thanks for the advices, unfortunately it is not possible to register at the company's address. There are apartment owners which are willing to register people, but the prices are around USD1000. I was looking to see if there might be something cheaper.

        Ah well, I might be forced to pay the price at the end... ces la vie!