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Happy New Year Ukraine

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  • Happy New Year Ukraine

    And congratulations on your long overdue divorce from Russia.

    Be careful though, Russia has stalking tendencies; don't let your guard down for a minute.

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    Where have you been ? You have been missed.
    Ukraine has learned many hard lessons in the last several months, one of which is that she is always left with the least worst choices.

    Wishing you everything you might wish for yourself in this New Year!

    æ, !

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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      Thanks Hannia.

      I have been following events in Ukraine almost every day. is one of my most visited websites.

      Sadly, I think any country on its knees faces years of choosing the least-worst options. Russia could have supported Ukraine, respected its decision, worked with it, kept Yanukovich in power and had a strong friend and ally in the EU with no NATO ambition...but another path was chosen.

      It's been an interesting, if predictable, year. Putin has successfully held on to Crimea, successfully established another frozen conflict, successfully pushed Ukraine closer to the edge of collapse, successfully forced the West to stop ignoring him with his Syria escapades and successfully convinced his public that he is great and that Russia is a world power.

      All of these things infuriate me but I console myself on days like today because they remind everyone that despite winning many high-profile battles, Putin is still losing the war and he is losing it badly.

      Ukraine and the EU have still gone ahead and implemented the free trade agreement Putin was so desperate to kill. Ukraine is now firmly hostile to Russia and is already mostly detached. The splits he tried so hard to sow in the EU have failed to achieve anything beyond a few cowardly remarks from Hollonde. His grand re-orientation to East Asia has failed to achieve anything of value. His fuel leverage over Ukraine and others has weakened substantially since the EU finally wised up. His dream of using Turkey as another route for selling his gas to Europe lies in tatters in northern Syria with his Su-24 (one of the year's highlights for sure) - as do Russian relations with Turkey which only increases Russia's isolation.

      When you step back and look at the big picture, you see that Putin's policies have completely failed to achieve anything positive for the Russian people or Russia's place in the world. Indeed, things are looking so bleak for USSR 2.0, Putin has already started denying he's trying to create it.

      Yes, overall, I'm happy with the situation on Jan 1, 2016 and cautiously optimistic.


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        Happy New Year GLU. Welcome back, as Hannia said, you have been missed.

        See whats been posted in the past day.

        Contact forum moderators here.


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          Cheers stepanstas.

          It's a bit quiet here at the moment.