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Why is Russia invading Ukraine? (in 2 minutes)

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  • Why is Russia invading Ukraine? (in 2 minutes)

    This video is almost a year old but it explains the core very well and in a brief 2 minutes. In case you haven't been following whats going on or how this started.

    See whats been posted in the past day.

    Contact forum moderators here.

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    Excellent video, Stepanstas. I'll have to share this with people who ask me "What exactly is happening in Ukraine? How did this start?" Yes, there are many clueless Americans when it comes to the situation in Ukraine, unfortunately.

    I hope the next video won't be, "Why is Russia invading Armenia? (in 2 minutes)" !!!


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      The Russian troops who aren't there!

      Just to remind us that the war goes on inflicting misery ever day:


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        Glastnost Gone

        Another "GG" who is doing all he can to support Ukraine on Twitter and other parts of the internet by doing everything he can to maintain awareness of the ongoing war against Ukraine by Putin's Kremlin is "Glastnost Gone". His approach far exceeds any impact I have made with words alone because he has successfully hit upon the idea of using Google Earth satellite images that show the movement of Russian military hardware in various locations in Donbas that prove despite what Putin may say THERE ARE GENUINE RUSSIAN TROOPS WITH THEIR EQUIPMENT IN UKRAINE. He has also shown satellite images of Donbas graveyards where hundreds of freshly produced and unmarked graves are shown, giving evidence of likely dead Russian troops being discreetly disposed of.

        However these satellite images are not available free to him. He has been purchasing them from his own funds
        until he reached a point where he could no longer fund further similar operations. He has consequently started receiving donations so that his work can be continued. I believe this work should be congratulated at a time when there are so many seemingly more important things going on in the world that the Donbas war rarely gets a mention within the popular media. Please view his recent video clip on You Tube by clicking on the URL (internet address below to see a recent sample of his output. If you are interested to see more You Tube vide clips type Glastnost Gone on the search line.
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          Russia and its proxies are source of violence in eastern Ukraine, - US Department of State


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            Five soldiers killed in clashes in east 23 August 2018

            Four died during a five-hour clash near Krymske, a village 50km (31 miles) north-west of Luhansk. Another was killed by artillery fire.



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              An interesting brief article about what it is like to live in the so called "People's Republic of Lugansk":-