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  • Selling a car


    Does anyone know if a foreigner can (legally) sell his car in Ukraine? And if so is there any age limit af the cars that can be sold?



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    oh, yah.... and I am not trying to make money but to plan my (one way) tripto Ukraine. And return with a plane...


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      Yes You can!!!

      8 years are the age limit.
      What car You have? I live in Lviv and looking to buy one - maybe we make the deal...


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        I don't have any. I thought it would be the best to buy a samara. So if it's from year 1998 I just pass it? Someone is selling a 1998 samara... Tell me, what would be the price of the car there?


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          Yes - sure

          Yes - sure.
          Last summer 2 Londoners visited me on 1993 Opel (called Vauxhall in UK) - so they could sell it anyway - but without registration (what means - only for spare parts). So they sold it in Prague.
          Yes "Samara" is good choise (one of the low-budget choises - better bring 5-door and younger than 1998 - seems they count age from the exact month of production.


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            I choose samara because I got some informations about bad gass in your coutry
            Are there many european cars there, or you drive mainly ladas (For parts and help on the roads if anything goes wrong)

            ...and tell me some prices (just a few cars and prices that you know)...


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              Not we have "bad gas" - You nave bad info

              Gas is here is OK!
              Most cars here are foreign made (euro, japan, korean, some US). Servises are quite OK too (but worse than in western Europe). Most popular ones - VW, Opel, Mitsub, Peugeots, Skoda etc, etc. Although there is korean Daewoo plant in Ukr.
              Ladas are good choise as low-budget car - about 25-35% of all car population


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                Prices for used cars - about 50-100% more than western ones - due to really high customs clearance (lowest for Russian cars - Lada etc).
                But if You sell car here - buyer will pay customs clearance.
                I guess for 1999-2000 Samara in good condition You may expect about $2000-$3000 - but not sure - because must know exact price of customs clearance, taxes and registration fees (was $300 lately)


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                  ok. than it was bad info. Or probably to old...
                  Well, as I plan to drive there for some weeks I probably will choose a realable low budget car (golf/mazda 323).

                  What would be the prices of these cars? We don't have samaras from 1999 and younger as we got some new standards than. They started sellin 110 and 111 I think.

                  Do you know of any webpage with ukraine's used cars?


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                    Good choise - easy sellable

                    VW Golf has very good reputation in Ukraine (even older VW Golf-2), Mazdas are OK too. Both have good services here.
                    I may check prices for 5-8y.o. golf/mazda 323.
                    So if in Lviv and wanna sell - let me know -


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                      thankes very much. I am coming in sommer and I probably will need help when selling a car.. The point is that I don't want to drive it back


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                        webpage with Ukraine's used cars

                        found couple -


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                          thankes again.

                          I see that there are actually no diesel cars and the big old cars that require lots of gass hold very good prices.
                          What is the price of of gass and diesel?
                          In our country its very hard to sell old cars like audi 100 and volvos because of high prices of gass.

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                            - oh, there are diesels in UA - quite a lot.
                            These auto-web-sites are distorting real picture - normally nobody here is buying cars via net - automarkets and free-ad newspapers are making the day.
                            Big old cars are obviously more expensive than on the West (and still sellable) - but less expencive than small old ones.
                            Diesel in UA costs NOW 3.40uah(=0.56euro), A-95 - 3.70uah (=0.61e).

                            Probably UA is going to sign WTO Agreement on 6th March - so there are rumors that custom taxes and age limitations on cars will be canceled.
                            So we may expect real flood of used cars from the West.


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                              International trade: GO UKRAINE !!!

                              U.S., Ukraine agree on WTO accession conditions

                              Kyiv, March 1 (Interfax-Ukraine) - The United States and Ukraine have concluded bilateral negotiations on market access issues related to Ukraine's World Trade Organization (WTO) accession.

                              Ukrainian Economy Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk will join U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman in Washington on March 6, 2006 to formally sign the agreement, the U.S. Trade Representative's Office reported on Wednesday.


                              One Ukraine
                              One Hetman
                              One bowl of Borsch