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opening a business in Ukraine by foreigners

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  • opening a business in Ukraine by foreigners

    hi every one,
    i am an arabia from Dubai, i would like to open a business office for exportation to gulf countries in ukraine, my questions
    is it allowed to open such affice in ukraine
    what are the rules or laws for runing abusiness by foreigners.
    i will appriciate it if i could get an answer as soon as possible

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    We'd be happy to help You.
    Please, contact us via e-mail for further info.


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      Yes, I can help you to open a business in Ukraine

      Hi, I am a lawyer from Kiev. I can give you an advice - which company type would be better for you to regeister and how to run it. If you know this country and people a little bit, start with registering a Representative Office. What it can or cannot do, sell or buy, which taxes to pay or not to pay - all these questions I can answer by personal email.
      You are welcome to email:
      Sincerely, Sergey Yastremsky


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        Dear Sir,

        We are a Belgian based company with a 10 year experience in the Ukrainian market.
        We have several companies in Ukraine and always looking for interesting opportunities.
        Please contact me if you like to discuss this.
        Kind regards,



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          Hi every one,
          I would like to thank you here for your assisstance,
          Mr. Globeltel, it is good to have your assisstance here, and of course iam in need for a loyer. I have seen your company and it seems international, so what is your activities i am mean personal, are you a ukrainian and do you any other information for bussniss establishment in ukraine. thank you

          Hello Mr. Double -U,
          thanks for affering your cooperation, i tried to contact you throu your mail but cant be!
          please you can email me on

          thanks to all


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            Please is it possible 2 browse 4 free with ur mobile phone in ukraine and pls tell me the steps..Be hapi if u can tell me.


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              Mobile help

              Please is it possible 2 browse 4 free with ur mobile phone in ukraine and pls tell me the steps..Be hapi if u can tell me.


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                What do you mean "browse "?


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                  I can recommend Jonathan Burns of Carlton Legal (email: who assisted me in setting up a successful business in Ukraine.


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                    I have been in Ukraine for 10 years and would be glad to assist and find good opportunities.

                    I am based in Kiev.

                    Best regards,



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                      Despite the topic was actual 8 years ago) some people resuscitated it. First let me reveal my point of view on this - think twice or three or more times before registration a representative office in Ukraine, better set up an LLC and do not bother yourself.

                      The second i would like to ask Alex. Alex, there are a number of your posts on this forum where you promote this Mr Jonathan Burns of Carlton Legal. You always give his Ukrainian email but never the link to his webpage. I would like, if it is possible, to get acquainted with his company. It is just seems strange that a foreign law firm in Ukraine does not have its website.