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  • Amber bussiness?


    Do anybody has any info or knowledge or source where in Ukraine it's easy to buy an amber?

    Here in Poland I have seen lately quite a lot of advertisments concerning buying a raw amber - So maybe it would be a good time to start some kind of cooperation of sending and selling.

    If anybody would be interested please drop a note or send a PW.


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    I think that there are only two streams in Ukraine. I have made purchases for personal use in Rivne. There is the Burstyn Factory that has a retail outlet. Additionally, Rivne has a museum, where you should be able to get help w/additional information.
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    æ, !

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      Amber is an interesting topic. Its price in Ukraine gets higher and higher, its mining is illegal but this does not stop people af course because money are so big.
      There is only one amber factory, as Hannia said it is located in Rivne. But there is also only one mining facility that is located in Rivne region and as farbas I know it is under bankruptcy now.
      All illegal amber is smuggled to Poland and the Baltic countries from which it is shipped to China for processing and jewellery production.
      Ukraine produces mostly some small jewellery (rings, necklaces etc) and pictures made from amber.
      If you need more info on this feel free to contact me.


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        I agree, I heard that main amber areas in Ukraine are around Rivne and Lutsk. Here in Poland importing amber from Ukraine is legal. ( It's needed to pay small duty and tax ). I just wonder if in Rivne or Lutsk amber is being sold at the streetmarkets or country marketplaces etc. If so, I would be willing to buy some