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  • Need idea for my website

    Hey everybody
    Can you give me ideas to start a business with less loss investment risk.I though to start a website like this bidnessetc if not like this one can you suggest me or give me example
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    Hi Natalie.

    The problem, I've found through some experience, is getting traffic. Most websites are low risk, but they would take a long time to pay off, if they ever do.

    BidnessEtc looks like it takes quite a bit of effort. At first glance, not being completely sure, someone actually writes all those articles and creates, or pays, for those graphics. So to actually arrive at something similar you would have to personally write at least one article a day on either a general or specific topic. The tricky part is, it would have to be either unique or better/easier to use than what's currently out there.

    I simpler approach that I've looked into is news aggregator sites. Basically they just need the set up once. If well made it gathers all the news for you and just constantly updates. For instance, is for sale right now. It's complete and ready to go. The problem again is visitors. There are thousands of websites like this out there and they require zero effort.

    How much effort do you think you'll be able to put into it without expecting returns for say the first year? Any particular industry interest / which people you would be interested in targeting?

    See whats been posted in the past day.

    Contact forum moderators here.


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      stepanstas Very Nice advice (y)


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        @stepanstes thankyou for your advice
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          As a web developer and graphic designer I can tell you that this idea will not go too far. As stepan said, there are sites just like that already available. If you want your site to bring money, you will need to be a little more creative idea-wise and distinguish yourself from others. Your idea needs to be unique. Honestly, you can probably make more money by making interesting videos on youtube and/or by creating groups on social networks... The idea about websites is getting old these days...