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Buying property and Bitcoins

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  • Buying property and Bitcoins

    I plan to eventually transfer a large sum of money in to bitcoin and cash it out in Ukraine to buy property and I have some questions:
    1) Is there a Bitcoin exchange I can use in Ukraine?
    2) property in ukraine for sale, real estate in ukraine, carpathian property for sale, crimea property for sale, property in kiev for sale says there is no capital gains tax, I dont know why this is mentioned as that tax is for selling not buying, can someone explain the tax situation there and if turning up with $400,000USD would raise alarm bells or be a taxable event when cashing out to buy property?
    3) Is buying property over there safe, is there anything to worry about such as something going wrong with the actual property or being ripped off as a foreigner, I will be buying in Kiev near Arena Entertainment.

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    Hi, I am an attorney here in Kiev and real estate is one of my major professional fields of practice. I suggest you contacting me via Skype and I will answer your questions.