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EURO 2012 - Cheap camping accommodation in Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv

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  • EURO 2012 - Cheap camping accommodation in Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv

    EURO 2012 - Cheap camping accommodation in Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv

    Ukraine Kiev Camping EURO 2012 - Litvinovka Football Fan Camp
    Ukraine Kiev Camping EURO 2012 (EVRO 2012) - Litvinovka Football Fan Camp - Cheap accommodation in Kiev

    Ukraine Lviv Camping EURO 2012 - Buhta Vikingiv (Viking Bay)
    Ukraine Lviv Camping EURO 2012 (EVRO 2012) - Cheap accommodation in Lviv

    Ukraine Donetsk Camping EURO 2012 - Camping Park 2012
    Ukraine Donetsk Camping EURO 2012 (EVRO 2012) - Camping Park 2012 - Cheap accommodation in Donetsk

    Ukraine Kharkiv Camping EURO 2012 - Orange Camping
    Ukraine Kharkiv Camping EURO 2012 (EVRO 2012) - Orange Camping - Cheap accommodation in Kharkiv

    Pavel Korsun, Ukraine

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    Rip off time!

    I am sad to see that Ukraine is gearing up to rip off the football supporters big time! The hotels are escalting their prices to exhorbitant levels, and I see adverts here for tent camping plots for two persons at 98 Euros per night! I assume they are supplying the tent for the period?

    This kind of exploitative behaviour will do nothing to impress foreign visitors that Ukraine is a fair and decent country. Happily as I live in Ukraine most of the time, I know better. These "business people" deserve the contempt that I feel obliged to level against them, and I hope they are less succesful than they would wish to be.


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      It's not only Ukraine that does that Gottno. It goes on everwhere all the time.

      When the Exxon oil tanker, "Exxon Valdez" hit the reef I was there renting a motel room while working in the oil terminal. We were scheduled to head out that very day. The waitress/desk clerk that was serving us breakfast informed us the the room rates were going up over $200 per night starting that night.
      Captialism at it's finest. If you want it you'll pay their price or do with out.

      Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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        Ukraine leader orders end to Euro 2012 hotel price gouging

        By Associated Press, Friday, April 6, 9:05 AM
        KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s president ordered his government Friday to prevent hotels from charging exorbitant prices for fans attending the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

        Some hotels in the four cities hosting matches are charging up to 10 times their normal rates. In the city of Kharkiv, beds in a hostel are going for €250 ($330) a night, according to the local organizing committee for the June 8-July 1 tournament being shared with Poland.
        President Viktor Yanukovych called on his infrastructure and economy ministers to ensure that hotel prices are brought to “economically grounded” levels. He did not specify how the order would be enforced.

        Officials of UEFA, the sport’s European governing body, have said that curbing hotel prices remains the biggest obstacle in organizing the tournament. Euro 2012 operations director Martin Kallen warned in February that very high prices in some hotels in Ukraine may give the country and the tournament a bad image.

        Critics say that price gouging will portray Ukraine as a greedy country and may hurt its tourism industry for years to come at a time when the government tries to boost tourism to help the country’s struggling economy.

        “This suicidal, below-the-belt business practice is targeting people for whom Ukraine is ‘somewhere in Russia,’ that is, the kind of people you’d want to win over for a return visit,” journalist Mark Rachkevych wrote in the English-language newspaper Kyiv Post. “It’s beyond greed, it’s lecherous.”

        Ukrainian officials recognize the problem.

        “Poverty breeds greed,” Infrastructure Minister Boris Kolesnikov said last month. “But we in the government will find ways of exerting influence on their business appetites.”

        It is unclear, however, how hotels will be forced to lower their prices in a free-market economy.

        “From our end we can only make recommendations. We cannot affect hotels’ price policies,” said Albina Krasnodemska, spokeswoman for the Euro 2012 organizing committee in Ukraine.

        Ukraine leader orders end to Euro 2012 hotel price gouging - The Washington Post

        I guess that they are really gouging! 10X is too much of a rate.

        Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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          After looking over the OP's links he's not being gentle with his prices either.

          98 Euro's for a regular 2 man tent and 201 Euro's for a deluxe VIP tent per night.

          Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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            Dear Football Fans,

            We cordially invite you and your friends to come to our Guest House, which is located in a quiet and peaceful area surrounded by greenery.
            General information:
            Location: Only 15 km from the city center (17 km from the Olimpiyskiy Stadium, 300 m from the lake)
            Number of rooms: 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom
            Total number of beds: 12
            Reservations and Payment: For the 2012 Summer Season will require a two night minimum stay = 35 EUR/night. Weekly and monthly rates are upon request.
            Furnishings: The Guest House is completely furnished with sheets, towels, TV, refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster, cooking equipment and serving utensils. We supply some food (bread, butter, milk, cereals, fruits, etc.) and basic paper products.
            Special requests: We strive to make our guests’ stay in the Guest House both memorable and comfortable. We will do everything possible to accommodate special requests.

            Contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

            Denys & Olga



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              Please have a look here:
              Apartments for rent in Donetsk
              Apartments for rent in Kyiv
              Apartments for rent in Lviv
              Many landlords do not book now and don't give any specific price for EURO 2012 period. But I believe if you'll start to request booking closer to end of May - they will do it and the price won't be higher than the sky


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                Dear fans,

                If you plan to visit Donetsk during EURO 2012 we could offer you accommodation and transfer services for any budget. We act in the course of official programme for preparation and staging of EURO 2012 in Donetsk. We can offer you the following services:
                - meeting at the airport (train station)
                - accommodation (hotel/camping/house/apartment);
                - transportation (any means of transport from car to tourist bus);
                - accompanying by English-speaking guide;
                - reservation of meals - breakfast/lunch/dinner at the best cafes and restaurants in Donetsk;
                - providing entertainment programme in resort areas and entertainment centres;
                - guided tours;
                For more information please contact us:
                Foxtrot-IT Donbass LLC
                tel: +380952516101, +380632413383,
                Skype – nataliya.donetsk2012
                ICQ - 640-708-003

                Just please let us know and we'll take care of everything.


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                  Donetsk - apartment (for 3 persons)+ car with a driver(all 250 Euro per day)

                  Ukraine, Donetsk - Rent an apartment (for 3 persons)+ car with a driver(all 250 Euro per day) ( in June 2012 in Donetsk)
                  Apartment - two rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Photos on request.
                  In the 1 bedroom -double bed, in the 2d room – bed. (Apartment for 3 Guests)
                  If need additional place - maybe use chair bed.
                  Car – Chevrolet Lacetti saloon (7 hours working time and 200km in the city included) and 0.3 Euro per km for out of the city travelling.
                  Center of city (5km)
                  Football stadium Donbass-arena (7km).
                  Railway station (13km).
                  Airport (16km)
                  Distance to football city: Donetsk – Kharkiv ~ 300km, Donetsk – Kyiv ~730km
                  Broadband internet connection + WIFI. (Now 1Mbps. If you need more, I can order up to 25Mbps)
                  There is TV, cable television, boiler, kitchen utensils, dining table, chairs, gas and microwave oven, hair dryer, el. kettle, iron, refrigerator, washing machine.
                  Utensils, linens and towels are included.
                  Not to smoke in apartment.
                  3d floor of 9-storey building.
                  I can meet you at the airport, railway or bus station.
                  I provide driver and some guide services, also I can show interesting places of the Donetsk and the region (for example Artemovsk Winery, Main The Caving holiday center "Salt Symphony"), organize picnic or help to find the needed place.

                  My English level is average.

                  Jack, 38 years.
                  If you have any questions please Email me:


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                    I won't be able to return to Ukraine until next winter. I own an apt. so unless we travel to Krim there is little need for us to look.

                    Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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                      Cheapest accommodation should be using the night trains, when travelling anyway. You can buy them in specialized travel agencies or via german ebay.