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    My first post and admittedly I knew very little about the Ukraine a week ago, other than seeing Ewan McGregor biking through on television (seemed to be cultural differences). Anyway, in a Soho London bar last Thursday (8th Sept) with a client and friend due to biz trip and I met my first Ukrainian. I had no agenda for the evening and felt unusually captivated by this girl who turned out to be a Ukrainian language student. The information I have since found out would seem to be largely true. A Ukrainian girl is indeed beautiful, sexy and fun (like many other nationals) and also appear to be very genuine and open with their feelings (if they like you it seems apparent in their mannerisms). I really lost myself to this girl which is unlike me and it is then easy to read between the lines and think "hold on, is this too perfect or easy")? I think the answer to that is what you make of it really. I am just sorry to Olga (I originally thought this was a Norwegian name, how little I know) that I was not perhaps what she had hoped and very glad that I was also honest to her. In my brief experience I believe Ukrainian females to be exceptionally warm and approachable without significant agendas (dependent on your introduction method I guess) and wholly moral in their attitudes to relationships (it is sad to see how they can be manipulated)which cynically in Western society we have perhaps lost or diluted this ethic! If you are lucky enough to meet and connect with a Ukrainian of the opposite sex in the right environment I say go with your feelings as they are more likely to be genuine than you may initially perceive.

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    PLEASE TAKE TIME AND LOOK AT there is no membership fee, your first contact address is free, all of these ladies are looking for relationships with the view to marriage.
    good luck


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      Hmm, o.k suspected these kind of reply posts. I agree with your statement based on my little experience in respect of Ukrainian women (do not know about the children part) "They are by nature, kind loving and adore children" and you should possibly add naturally warm and approachable. Not entirely sure though about the motivations of all the introduction agencies and feel that too many can dilute the real message and possibly give the wrong idea to the men who are pursued as profitable clients (not saying this is the case with yourselves). I note your service on the face of it appears to be free of charge but do wonder how or where the revenue streams come into force? I do hope that in respect of the ideals that you state are important to a Ukrainian woman (and I would agree also on this) "look for a man that is honest, caring and shows respect." that this is reciprocated by the men pursuing this avenue of partner selection? My comments are as outsider as I am already happily married to an English girl and believe the respect issue is a significant one. It would appear to me that a Ukrainian girl is similar in nature and ideals to a real and genuine woman of English (Western) background. I guess there are probably less "genuine" English girls in terms of ideals as was historically the case in our country!
      If I wasn't married would I consider a relationship with A Ukrainian girl/lady? Well the answer to that is yes I most certainly would if they are like the one I had met! Would it work in the long term? You just do not know as with many things in life I guess!!!


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        Perceptions of an English gentleman-London


        My compliments to you for views on marriage to Ukranians.There must be something good about Ukaranian
        women that so many people would desire them as wives.I am
        a S.African citizen who pursued an American girl because she
        had been beautiful inside as well as outside.I had corresponded with for two years before I married her.We both are very compatible on several issues.Both of us never had any previous relationships.When I saw her for the first time with her long golden hair blowing and shinning in the
        sun,and her long dress almost touching her shoes,I told myself ,"She is mine forever." She did become mine since 1986 and she is still mine 19 years later.My advice to somebody who wants a permanent healthy relationship:1. Take your time and study the person.2. Discuss your flaws and
        forte before thinking of marriage 3.Morality is relative;
        discuss your beliefs and principles. 4. If you are one that is looking for sex, remain in your country and look for
        prostitutes.5. Marriage goes well beyond sex.


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          Ukrainian Values

          Yes, there seems to be much lament on the subject. I only came across this board because by chance I met a Ukrainian girl in London recently and developed a keen interest in the subject! Not everyone finds love or knows it when it is upon them. You need to stay true to your beliefs and remember that genuine feelings are at stake. Part of me hopes I see the girl again I met or that she reads this (both highly unlikely). I have never felt so at ease in the company of a woman other than my wife for the last 14 years of being together. Typically until asked someway into conversing and dancing together did the question come up to my marital status which I freely admitted to as I didn't have an agenda or intended on game play. The girl in question reaction was totally unexpected, complete deflation and a look of real loss. That loss is shared from my side too and I didn't intend on being in this position (however, it is possible to think a motivation to marriageable citizenship but in this case and I am sure most cases this is truly not the way your honest and sincere Ukrainian woman behaves - but can we see through our cynicism?). I haven't fallen out love with my wife or been unfaithful but did connect with someone without intention to do so. Because that special person was from the Ukraine I ask the question "are Ukrainian women as a rule this passionate and in touch with their feelings?". If so any guys using these mediums to meet a lady from the Ukraine should consider their real motivation before jumping in feet first! If you are genuine I am sure you will be rewarded with what you seek from this direction.