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  • Naturalisation process

    My wife has her 'naturalisation as a British citizen' ceremony on the 28/04/05. This is the final step in our post-marriage process. Hurrah! At last!! - Married 23/11/01

    However, having had to wait 6 months for approval and then 6 weeks for the ceremony, we still have to return the ceremony certificate to Liverpool, and then wait for its return, and then apply for a passport..blah, blah, blah and on it continues. At some stage she will be free to travel without restrictions.

    Anybody care for detailed information for their future reference?

    Let me know.


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    My wife will soon be in a similar position(July 2005) so any advice would be appreciated...
    John 3/16


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      Some basic info, which is/will always be subject to changes:

      Cost of applying for British citizenship was @Sept2004 £240. Applications are made by post to Liverpool and you will need to send BOTH your and your wife's passports to them, along with your marriage certificate (original!). However, they will return these within 3 months (in our case, arrived 3 weeks before Xmas allowing for a hastily arranged trip home for Mrs Elliott, but not myself due to lack of Visa!!!)

      They will also need a certificate proving that she can speak/understand English to a certain level (I forget the criteria)

      Processing takes 6-7 months, after which you will receive a letter asking you to contact your regional centre in order to arrange the civil ceremony for allegence to the Queen. The earliest we could get was for 6 weeks time.

      So, at the time of our allegence ceremony, seven months will have past since the date of application. I would expect to have to add at least 2 months to this before we have a British Passport for Vika.

      More details as and when.....


      David & Vika Elliott