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  • Finding a person

    Hello, If you want to find somebody in Ukraine or if you want to find out the information about the person or some firm, I can help you. I have detective agency and I can operate in different cities of Ukraine. I can also make full investigation.
    If you have any questions, I'll answer all of them.

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    I wonder if you Elena has any papers that can prove that you have the right to do any investigations ( lisence from police for example ) ?
    It seems that only police ( MVD or SBU ) can do full legal investigations in this country. And no detective agency can do and have the right to do so.
    When you do any kind of "investigation" - do you ask for the persion from the person you check , because if not - you break the law ?
    Do you use the way of bribing somebody in police or in SBU or in speacial OVIR department or at passport department (so called pasportniy stol) to find the information about the person ?

    I warn all the people who ever decide to use the services of such "Elena"s that you will pay money to the people who break the law! Or as minimum you will pay in 10-20 times more for the service than it really costs!


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      I don't agree with you. Detective agency can do full legal investigations in Ukraine. You don't know the laws. And the kind of "investigation" depends on the task.


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        Ok, Alyonushka , I do not know the laws.
        Tell me one thing - how can you do full legal investigation without bribing anybody ( or having good friend or relative who will do the search out of the law ) in MVD or SBU ?
        Just curious.