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    I have been developing a relationship with a woman from Chernivtsi in the SW of UA. I have made visits via kiev then onward by plane train or bus. (The train 14hrs by night passes through Moldova!!)
    While there I use shank's pony, route taxis and taxis. Though not expensive can involve waits, access problems (full)etc. etc. etc.

    I have not explored the opportunities re own personal transport. I am aware of the following,
    IDP required
    RHD vehicles are prohibited (couldn't be bothered to drive when flights are cheaper!)

    I have trolled the websites to look up rental, seems only to be Kiev orientated,aware that delivery is possible but 300km??

    I am considering the possibility to buy a banger and keep it there.

    What I wouldlike to find out is the legal situation re foreigner owning a car or failing that, my Ukranian non driving 'friend' owning the vehicle but me to drive it.

    legal situation eg,
    ownership registration
    road registration(tax)
    MOT/controle technique/warrant of fitness etc

    then the costs,

    1)price of an old Lada etc (best to blend in, less chance of theft etc) (not bothered about mechanicals as I am able to do and also able to pay to fix)

    2)On road costs

    3)Insurance costs etc

    Any Ideas of websites etc to give guidance?

    Would really appreciate any replies posted or email. ifyou have details/experience and would be able to chat, send tel no in Email.

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    Sorry but there is not much help you can get here. I was there for five weeks last september and thought about buying a car and selling it when I left. Car rental being about $US 50 per day. Delivery from Kiev is realy cheap - cost me $40 to Nikolaev.
    I was looking at a little more car than you have in mind and the prices were very similar to other parts of europe, but the insurance and taxes were out of this world. Cannot remember the numbers but it was a lot cheaper for me to pay $50 per day for the rental than going the other way.

    Maybe your friends over there can help but I had contacts there and it did me no good.



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      Oh common, there are pleny of rentals in Kiev. You take a car and pay by day, about $100/day or something I think, depends on the class of the car.
      Can't help on the legal situation, you need to speak to foreigners who live in Kiev, but I think even they don't keep Ukrainian number plates - helps escape traffic police.
      On road costs depend how you drive, it's something like $5-10 per alleged traffic violation.