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    I am writing about work opportunities for photography and video which will
    include full nudity and/or adult erotic content. Payment will be
    $100-200 per day depending on model and style of work. The shooting will
    be in either London ( England)) or Athens (Greece) or Amsterdam (Holland)
    or Kiev depending on prior agreement with the model. Should shooting be
    outside of Kiev, all travel expenses will also be paid. If you are
    interested, please write back attaching your picture and I can give you
    further detail.

    As this work will involve both nudity and erotic content, you must be 18
    years or older. Sexy girls with no modeling experience are welcomed to apply. All erotic style work will NOT be published and will NOT require a “model release” from you. It will be for private portfolio only. Privacy of all models will be fully respected.

    Please write to Jack Tatum at

    Thank you and kind regards,
    Jack Tatum

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    What I find remarkable is how fraud of this kind gets through to somebody... a model agency built on free account? you make me laugh through tears.
    On the other hand, I must admit, those who believe this type of ad and go for it (then their lifes get ruined etc.) are not the brightest stars ukraine will miss ( I know it's cold to say smth like that, yet I coundn't help expressing my thoughts).



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      I am not sure what is saddest...the people actually post this type of scam or the people who actully believe it..if you are thinking of doing this type of work the best advice has got to be...DON`T!!!!
      John 3/16