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Ukrainian woman and a Belgium guy. Who is more open in this situation?

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  • Ukrainian woman and a Belgium guy. Who is more open in this situation?

    I am a woman from Ukraine, Kiev. I talked over the Internet with one Belgium guy. He means a lot for me. And now a few minutes ago I was contacted by other woman who asked whether I knew him. She says that she has the same good and promising contact with him... over distance. What would you recommend?
    And you are talking about Ukrainian woman with not so "good" intentions....

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    Ask him about it directly. At least it would tell him you care.


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      Thank you SweetNovember,

      Everything is fine now though the store was close to detective.
      I'd like to delete this threat. Is it possible?



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        Glad to here that (if he is worth it
        You need to ask the admin if you want to delete the threat. Why not keep it? With all the lamenting on how awful Ukrainian women are, we really could do with an alternative opinion.


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          SweetNovember has a valid point regarding you wanting to delete your thread. But if you are certain that you want this, just click on your first posting on the edit/delete icon and click on delete. That should delete this thread and everyone who has posted to it. Good luck.

          "Stand up for something, or you will fall for anything."


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            bring him over!

            if there is something sirios betwin you two,then tell him to come over to visit u!


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              Yes, of course, he is a good man. Unfortunately it was a woman, who put us in so difficult situation. And I must admit that this man reacted correctly.
              As for this "lamenting"... I think much depends on personal traits, educational level, interests, living experience etc... So I think it's not a good idea to say something in general about all women judging by the one perhaps not the best of them. Better congratulate and wish us all the best in life as March 8 is a great holiday here in Ukraine - a Women' Day.
              SweatNovember, if you happen to be in Kiev and need some help I will gladly do what I can. I read that you were going to visit someone special in Ukraine. So have a good trip.


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                Thanks, NP. Actually, I posted this question before, do you know what are good DSL/cable internet deals in Kiev? I'm going to Kiev for work... And my special someone is in California