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Can someone who has been to Kerch ........

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  • Can someone who has been to Kerch ........

    give me some details on this city? things i should know,Im talking to a Lady from there....and was wondering what someone who has been to Kerch thinks about that City?
    Peoples Living condition?

    any other things i should know?


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    Planning to visit the Ukraine (crimea)

    I was hoping we could stay in touch in that we both seem to be doing the same thing - seeking friendship etc. in the Ukraine. My name is Ron Hines. I live in Sarasota, Fl My email is


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      Few words about Ukraine

      Hey, guys,
      I am a new guy here, lived all my live in Ukraine. Never been in Kerch but heard a lot about this town. Of course, that was a while ago and I can give you only general idea but as far as location of the town - it's awesome, on the Black Sea and stuff,should be great city. As far as the way people live,you have to realize that aveage earning in Ukraine is very low. I know woman with two kids,she is computer operator and makes $60.00 per month and to live normal live she needs $200.00. Of course, there are people who make more then that, maybe a $100.00 per month. Is that a lot? I don't think so.Let me know if you need any more info,if I can help with anything. Just in case, my email