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    I love girls, girls, girls, girls ...... Girls, I do adore
    Yo put your number on this paper cause I would love to date ya Holla at ya when I come to Ukraine ... Hey to all the ladies in the house, and by the way if u aint a girl then get the fu** out, but if u are, then greeting to u ... me my self and couple other friends of mine are planning on visiting Ukraine for this summer ... we have seen a lot, heard a lot about Ukraine (nice weather in the summer time, beautiful sceneries , romantic dining places etc...) and Ukrainian girls (nice, cute, sexy & romantic etc...) and all is good news for us ... so I need advices in where to go to in Ukraine to relax and to have fun ... I got pictures of me that I can send through e-mail so if u r interested in meeting and seems like u can provide me with good advices that serve my needs in Ukraine then drop me a line or two and we will go from there & if u r not interested then have a good life ;p

    Yours Only