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marrying a Ukrainian girl

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  • marrying a Ukrainian girl

    I have met so many ukainian girls and i've saeen some good characters in them. But my plan now is to marry a ukainian girl. But once again i'm from an African country and currently i'm living in the UK. Would it be possible for me to marry her in ukraine and what would be our status if she wants to stay in europe(doesn't want to live in Africa? Can i go ahead marrying in Ukraine and change my citizenship? What are the legal proceedings to do that?

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    Hey pal,

    Well,the first thing you should do right away,is to ask the girl you're marrying if it would be possible to live in Africa,as you know that most Ukr girls are excited about west europe,specially England.and believe me,90% of them care only about how much money do you have.

    First of all,chose the right girl who really cares and loves you.

    Then,if you want to marry in Ukraine,you'll need a valid travel document,birth certificate and a document from your country that shows your marital status.note that all papers,including your passport,must be translated into Ukrainian language,notarized and legalized by Ukrainian embassy in your country.

    I advice your to not mention that you live in england while filling up a marrige registration form,otherwise they will rquire a document which shows that you aren't marride in england.

    Usually,it takes one month to do the registration

    Regarding the Ukrainian citizenship:
    first,get a private visa to Ukraine (ask your wife to do an invitation letter),then ask the consular office in Ukraine for a residancy will be required to show your marrige certificate.

    I guess that after couple of yours,you may ask for UKR passport and it will be more easier if you will have kids from her ( I'm wondering how they will look like) :-) ...just kidding :-)


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      Hello, my name is lucy.
      Can i ask you something?
      Why do you think that 90% of Ukrainina wonam needs just money?
      I don't think you are right.Yes ,some of them are bad, but not all of them.
      And i think that it is does not matter who is this girl, she can be english, scottish, french, ukrainian, there are still same people exsist who love s money. So its not because she is ukrainian, she likes money, but because she just that kind of PERSON.
      With best regard,


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        Well,Hi Lucie ..nice to meet you in this forum.
        I'm also new memeber..

        Sorry if i had the explaination wrong ,but it's the truth.
        I wrot 90% of them :-) ,it means not all of them.

        and honestly,I met really wonderful girls from Ukrainian velliges near the border with Poland.They only cared about personality,calture and education level.and i got married with one of them last year :-) .

        Don't be upset,every country has good side and awful side.


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          iszo, if you have a legal status in the UK, she can get a dependant status. if you want to meet a girl to take her to africa, you have to come here and live here, because you will have to find a woman that will really love you. i hope you are aware that this is a racist society, simply by virtue of being 99.99% white. I heard of inter-ratial couples, but most of the guys came first stayed in ukraine for years as students.


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            Marrying a Ukrainian girl.

            I did ......marry a Ukra´nian lady.

            She and our daughter are from Zaporozje Region in Ukra´ne.
            I met my wife through an old russian collegue of mine.
            First we were just friends. She was a single mother who was in holland for medical treatment.

            After we went out a few times, I was already seriously thinking of a relationship with her.
            This then came about and we were girlfriend - boyfriend for a while.

            After going through a crisis situation in a time of need, we really grew very close and got married 23 february 2004.

            We had proved to eachother, that we really care about eachother and our families, we respect eachother, are proud of eachother, are family oriented and finally we fell in love.

            This had nothing to do with money. Just being there for eachother.

            Now we have our future to think about. Both my wife and I are applying for them to come and live with me in Amsterdam.

            Already registered at my address, the government now has to decide over this.
            The Netherlands has become a very difficult country, to be married to strangers and wanting them in your life.
            So it will be a difficult procedure. But we have managed a lot through our love already, so....

            do wish us luck.....

            Of course we need money to eat and live from, which I earn through work.
            But neither my wife nor I are married for big money.
            Why ?? We have our family. No money in the world can buy that !!!

            Davaj poka !

            Amsterdam / Tokmak