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  • Holding Cards

    Sadly but truly the Ukie woman does not hold any cards in this rush for the loser guys from the west to take them away from Ukraine.
    That loser may and will get lots of sex and a good time but will he really opt for marriage?
    I've talked to many many many men who have traveled to Ukraine and most of them don't opt to bring the woman to the west. They all remark on how they had such a great time and rant about the beauty of the women.
    The main complaint seems to be that the woman cannot or has not learned English. They complain about the cultural differences. They complain about the K-1 visa. They mostly complain about the whole process.
    You would be surprised how many winners and intelligent men go to Ukraine and marry. You would be surprised how many western men have great marriages. You would be very surprised to note that since 1990 85% of all these marriages are still active and running along good lines. These statistics are made available through the USA government.
    My take on all this is that the poverty by the woman combined with skeptical attitudes by the men they meet leads to less marriages and engagements that you might think. SEX seems to be the sport more commonly involved here and not marriage.