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  • Ukraine Divorce & Ukraine marriage documents

    Hello, All!

    I'm kinda embarrassed about my silliness, but hey, I'm sure it will make for an entertaining after dinner story! :-)

    I am a British citizen, living in London. Last year, I met (online, she wrote to me at a Ukraine girl who seemed pretty nice. We met in Kiev, and she persuaded me that we should get married immediately so that she could leave Ukraine. :-)

    So we got married in Kharkov on 22/June/2002... I just handed over $300, and we were married without any delay (actually, without even a ceremony, they just gave us a marriage certificate). She got a UK visa on 10/July and arrived in London... but it was obvious from the moment I picked her up at Heathrow that she wasn't terribly happy about England or her new husband. :-(

    She asked me for money for a Lebanese visa, and a ticket to Lebanon... and left after a couple of days. I haven't seen her since.

    She txts me sometimes, asking for money. Not much, just $200 or $300 every couple of months... I have sent money because I wanted to stay on good terms, thinking this would help in getting a divorce. She said she would give me a divorce (she says she doesn't want to live in UK... and as far as I know she is back in Kharkov)... and has been telling me this pretty much since she left. I get a txt every month: Gwynny, don't worry! I give you divorce! :-)

    I am (finally!) starting to realize that she may not be terribly keen to give me the divorce. So I figured I'd better start finding out about getting a divorce! :-)

    Two possibilities:

    Can I get divorced in Ukraine? If so, how do I go about it? Does anyone know any English-speaking divorce lawyers in Ukraine who can help me? What is the cost (roughly)?

    I can get divorced, I think, in UK, even though she probably won't agree. But I don't even have the marriage certificate! How do I obtain a copy of the marriage certificate (and a certified translation acceptable to an English divorce court)? Or maybe I'm wrong about UK divorce if one of the parties won't agree? (I keep getting this horrible feeling that my wife is so smug and uncooperative because she knows I can't get rid of her!)

    As a separate point, I am a bit confused. My wife's UK visa is about to expire... and she clearly doesn't want to live in the UK. She equally clearly doesn't want to be my wife. So why is she so reluctant to divorce? What does she gain by staying married to me? As far as I can tell UK visa (and later UK citizenship/passport) can't be obtained without a "real" marriage, and some significant period of living in UK.

    I suppose for other guys thinking about Ukraine wives... well, they are cute! :-) But, I think many are, like mine, a bit of a Princess! :-) I also had a number of warning signs that she wasn't perhaps totally on the level. But I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... I probably shouldn't have. :-)

    Thanks for your input/suggestions. And better luck to all looking for love in Ukraine!

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    SILLY BOY.... OK enough of that now :-

    First point. The Ukraine marriage cert is worth nothing unless you acknowledged it officially in the UK. ie. Tax return, etc. If you did not then you are not married as far as the UK is concerned.

    Second point. Each time you send her money (if she has proof) then you are accepting responsibility for her and will later regret your action. If in the future you send her money make sure you are buying something. eg. Her address, her place of work, her residency intentions etc.

    Two things you must do NOW !!!!

    Go see an imigration attorney and find out what happens to your liability for her as far as the UK is concerned, especially when her visa expires.

    If you acknowledged the MARRIAGE OFFICIALLY IN THE UK YOU MUST :- Get a divorce lawyer to register an official seperation (you dont need her concent), so that your removal from liability for the future is acknowledged by the courts.

    You are not as big a sucker as you may think. She probably just needed you so she could get out of Ukraine and her only reason for continued communication is because you are a good guy and good for a little cash now and then.

    Dont worry about the Ukraine marriage, thats only important if you intend to marry in the Ukraine in the future. Leaving it valid in the Ukraine is a good way of making sure you dont go over there again and behave like a nice guy sucker.



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      This is all very worrying as I am currently chatting to someone from the Ukraine on a dating site. I think you should at least post her name... just in case. Anyway am on-guard now!



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        Ukrainian marriage and divorce

        Hey, I hope you are "divorced" by now because I'm not sure you were ever married. You need to write to the Ukrainin Ministry of Justice in the city you were married. Ask them for the laws governing marriages of nationals to foreigners. It is really a complex process which can't be done overnight and did she even get her internal passport stamped? You just mentioned a certificate. She might have really taken you for a ride, it's much cheaper to pay someone off to fake a marriage then it is to get a marriage license to a foreigner in Ukraine. Good Luck.


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          MArriage and Divorce - UK cityzenship


          I read your posting with interest and sympathy... As well as Kathy's suggestion for the reason of your ex-companion's presence in Lebanon...

          As a comment - I was pretty much under the impression that for a foreign national to marry a British (or Australasian cityzenship holder)and hope from this to eventually be eligible for those country's passports and cityzenships, it was actually necessary to more or less fulfill the following predispositions...

          - Have documented proof available - for the obtaining of the residency permit "as" a spouse - of correspondence, photographs together etc. that all prove a legitimate "history" of courtship and eventual pre-nuptial cohabitation.

          - Live for at least 3 years in the country WITH THE HUSBAND/WIFE and under the same roof - as the residency permit/visa would be sponsored by the spouse in whose country the cityzenship was hoping to be obtained.

          ...Just my small grain of salt...