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MY reflections on the Ukraine!

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  • MY reflections on the Ukraine!

    I'm very tired of the accusations (subtle or not) that the last thread states. SO I want to tell of my experiences in Ukraine.
    Late last year I was looking for a penpal in Israel. I'm an Italian national living in the States, who happens to also be Jewish. So I thjought it would be a good idea to meet some people from there to show me around when I visit. Well I did meet a girl, who I later found out was from Ukraine. To summarize what happened, our friendship eventually developed into something else.
    Well we decided that when we meet for the first time, that it would be a good idea to do it in Ukraine to meet her family.
    I made arrangement to arrive in Kiev a day earlier than her, so I could both have a day to fix myself up, and to take in the city. Through this site, I was introduced to two wonderful people who offered thier apartment for me when I arrived.
    When I finally arrived at KBP I was swarmed with taxi drivers. I had rented a car from Avis, but the representative had not arrived yet. One taxi driver when hearing why I was standing alone for an hour made a few phone calls and got me in touch with the Avis desk. This same driver turned down my offer to pay him for his troubles.
    Well my rental car finally arrived but I faced another issue. This representative went beyond what was required of his job to help me out and get me on my way. It's quite a tale in itself what happened.
    So obviously I was incredibly lost. So I decide to pull over and ask a man in his 20s for directions (this was the 5th person I asked for help, but still got lost). He asked me for a ride, and told me he would get me there. Well after he had asked about a half dozen people, he not only got me to the right street, he brought me right to the front door. Again something he didn't have to do for me at all, as he had to walk back quite a ways to get to where he was going.
    When I got to the apartment, I was greeted as though I was a long lost relative. They spared no expense to make me feel at home. I could not have asked for better treatment.
    I can go on and on, but to make a long story short.....I found that the Ukrainians had more wealth than any American, or European I have ever met. The kind of wealth that can't be counted in dollars. Their biggest fear was that I would not feel comfortable because they could only offer what they felt were humble in comparison to what they thought I was used to. Rubbish! I would walk back to Ukraine to be treated like I was again. Ukrainians have a dignity that the rest of us can learn from. I have nothing but respect, and adoration for them.

    I've fallen in love with a country!