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HELP,.....Wedding ring customs!!!

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  • HELP,.....Wedding ring customs!!!

    I have recently received a picture from a girl who seems to be serious about a relationship, in this picture that is supposed to be a recent one, she was wearing a ring on the wedding ring of her left hand as it is normal in the United States for a woman to wear an egagement or wedding ring, .....bla bla. When I asked about the ring she wrote to me explaining that in Ukraine the customs on wearing a ring are very different and that it is completely the opposite, she said that it is so different that in Ukraine they wear the wedding ring on the right hand.

    I wonder if there is anyone out there who may confirm or clarify on the subject!!!

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    Yes, we do wear the wedding ring on the right hand, your sweetie is telling the truth.


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      Thank's a bunch for the reply!

      Any other differences in our customs that I should know about?


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        you're welcome

        Well, that's a potentially gun-powder loaded question
        I do not know your preferences or current circumstances, it's hard to say how far you and your gal would go in following customs, I do not even know her background.
        For example my aunt (28 years old) had a very old fashioned Ukrainian Kozak wedding, it included 3 days if insane festivities, killing a nice fat goat, ceremonial "putting to bed" (half the village crowds into the couple's bedroom where they are ceremonially put to bed and covered with blankets, they don't make love or anything, it's just an old custom ) and then everyone goes back to saluting and toasting at the dinner table, also both sets of parents open all the gifts and show to the rest of the village, there's also the custom of the groom stealing his bride and escaping on horseback... but this hasn't been done in quite a while.
        If your fiance is an ordinary city girl, a white dress and a small family dinner usually does a job, but always remember gifts for her parents, very important

        Marriage traditions vary from one area of Ukraine to another, some customs are pretty funny, but I only know all this because my family is huge and some customs are still in use, the wacky ones have been dropped lol.

        I don't think this helps you much, because your sweetie may be Jewish Ukrainian or Russian and that's a whole different set of traditions. Just ask her


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          Hi Irinka,

          thanks for the nice suggestions Since my Maraiage to an ordinary russian city girl is upcumming I would like to hear some more tradions and habits. The marriage will take place in the Netherlands bus I still want to suprize her with it.

          Please could you tell some more about it?




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            I don't really know what to say, you may pleasantly surprise her with an engagement ring, but the wedding ceremony is a very personal matter, you need to know her preferences.
            You say she's Russian and not Ukrainian? It doesn't make much of a difference though if she's in a big city like Kiev or Odessa, maby you can ask the same question at


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              Hi Irenka,

              I somehow already gave her that ring lol

              But understand what ypu are meaning, she is from Donetsk though. But I might want to surprise her parents when they attend to our wedding with a little traditional habit like a simple thing but still to give them a home feeling to it.




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                You should buy the book, "Culture Shock Ukraine". It will tell you about the culture and customs. Don't give her a dozen roses unless you want to hurt her feelings. You need to take a little time to learn a little about her life before you live with her.


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                  Great Tip !!!!

                  I certainly appreciate your input, it sounds like you know what you are talking about, as a matter of fact I placed the order yesterday and will be receiving the book in a few days.


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                    Hello Fenicks, YouAreAnOak and others,

                    I am from Holland as well and recently got married to an Ukrainian woman. In Holland we got married by law and our wedding day was mostly according to dutch traditions. In the Ukraine we got married before the Orthodox church, which is a ritual in itself. If your fiancée is Orthodox you might want to consider to marry in church as well. In Holland there are quite some Russian Orthodox churches to be found. This will most certainly surprise her parents. If you are not religious you can just try to stick to some of the Ukrainian wedding traditions. In my opinion the big picture of the wedding is not that much different in Holland from the Ukraine. My wife is not from a village, and according to her the weddings are different now from what they used to be. Here are some Ukrainian wedding details not to be found in Holland:

                    -when you pick up the bride you have to negociate for her with her sister or another familymember, until she agrees with the items you offered (basicly you have to buy her)
                    -wedding ring to be put on right hand (YouAreAnOak it is really like that)
                    -At the beginning of the party/diner there is room for the visitors to do good luck speeches, after that you will visit all tables to say thanks for attending and wish them a good party
                    -If you really want to do it in Ukrainian style make sure all tables are stuffed with food from the beginning and keep them that way all evening, wodka and champagne should be present in huge amounts (of course the disadvantage in Holland is that will make you financially a poor man)
                    -At the end of the party the mother of the groom has to take of the veil (sluier in dutch) of the bride’s hair and put on a scarf (sjaaltje). The bride will then dance with all single women and men.
                    -You cut the wedding cake at the very end of the party together. Both holding the same knife in your right hand and cut the cake from top to bottom.
                    -Before you leave home to get married a sweet bread should be present. You kiss the bread and the parent of both. Then take a bow towards the parents to thank them for your birth. This symbolizes that you leave your parental home and start a new life togther.

                    As Irinka already indicated it is all very personal what you do. Just discuss it with your fiancée, she knows best. It is difficult to outline all details, on the web you should be able to find more info. Traditions in cities are different from the traditions in the smaller villages. I recommend that you throw the big party in the Ukraine. You will never be able to organize something equal in Holland because of the cultural differences and of course the costs. I had the best party ever, and everybody from Holland enjoyed it very much.

                    I hope this helps somewhat. You can always write me at: