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  • a nice girl seeks a marriage partner

    yesterday I met my friend, 26 y.o. old Vera who was very upset because she still was single while almost all her female friends got married. They used to go out before but now she's no longer a good company for them. They have their own life. She's not the kind of girl who will turn to dating agency for help and now she says she's too old to find a man here (if you know our statistic, and just a few days ago I listened to numbers at demographic forum held in Kiev) for every 100 men there're 125 women. And how many are they for our 50 mln population?
    That's why I want introduce this lovely girl to the forum in case someone will take interest in her. She's an economist andhas different hobbies. Tall (176 cm) and slim with blond hair and brown eyes. Much into sports esp. tennis and gymnastics. Very artistic and a great cook (which I can testify). Seeks a man up to 40 y.o. for serious relationship and marriage.
    Vera speaks good English so please call her directly by her home nr. after 6 pm local time (we're 7 hours ahead of New Your if you wonder about time difference)
    #380 482 478759
    or write to her e-mail address:
    She doesn't have PC at home as I do and goes to Internet cafe once a week to check her mail. If you want to write more often I would be glad to give her my e-mail for that.
    Please serious responses only.

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    Irene and Vera, two good reasons for guys to visit Odessa

    Provided that my visa receives approval from the embassy, I will be in Ukraine from June 18 to July 4th. Generally speaking, I do not like meeting Ukrainian women whom belong to those agencies.


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      Thank you, TD, you're very welcome. Woudl be great to see you. WHere're you from? And wha tis th ereason of your visit? Business?


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        Hi Irene, I read your add with the greatest interest. Im from Germany and Id like to meet a girlfriend in the Ukraina. Do you really think, I should contact your friend immediately or what would be the best way to approach?
        best regards
        German 35


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          Dear Sir,

          Vera speaks English and you can call her directly. I believe it'll be a good idea to do because Internet is a bit expensive especially because we have to connect thru telelphone line and pay for both: telephone and INternet per minute. CO call her tonight. I met her just yesterday and know nobody did it yet so you'll be the first. It's important to be the first, isnt' it? She's at home in the evenings and we're one hour ahead of Germany.
          Best regards,


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            TDog, how is it going with your visa? All the issues are solved? I hope so. Would be great to meet you


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              Hi Irene :-)

              I expect to receive my visa within the next few days. If my application was not approved, most likely they would have returned my passport by now.

              I contacted Vera via e-mail over a week ago, but she has not returned my message and must not be interested in meeting me. Did she say anything to you? I found a nice flat right off of Deribosovskaya street, but I have not made booking arrangements because she has not contacted me. It may not be available now...

              IMO, intitial contact via e-mail is more respectful towards someones privacy- I would not want someone calling me from a foreign country without knowing anything about that person in advance.

              Besides, internet cafes in Odessa are only 5 grivna
              (1 Euro/USD)per hour, a working economist can afford this. However, I agree that internet service in your home is rather expensive for most Ukrainians. She could always request further contact be made by phone in the first letter if this is her preference.

              My name is Terrance if this helps


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                Daer Terrance, I can't speak for Vera but I will contact her and ask her if she wants to meet you or not. Maybe, yoru age is nto right for her? How old are you?
                She did mentioned that a handsome doctor wrote her a letter. But when I asked her why she didn't reply she answered that she wanted a man right now and you seemed to be so far away. I believe teh best option for you will be to call her directly and talk to her. I can do it myself but I hate matchmaking stuff. As for the flat I can offer you many options including my own flat. Just today I saw a two room flat for $35 per day. Don't ever worry about a flat. In Internet they're usually priced twice as much while here in local newspapers they're advertised freely for their initial price and there're many people now renting their flats. So, even if you came here I would have found you a flat the same day. I know at least two flats on Deribasovskaya and many on other streets of historical centre.
                My e-mail is


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                  I just called Vera and yes, she's interested in you but somehow she deleted your letters by mistake. They occupied too much space in her mailbox and she meant to leave only one but somehow deleted all. So she asked me to tell you she's waiting for your call in the evening.

                  Again, don't 'worry about a flat. I just remembered about a flat that has been just renovated in semi-luxe style and has not been rented yet. Again, it will not be a problem. Hopefully, I hleped you a little.


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                    Vera is writing

                    Terrance, I'm that very Vera you contacted by e-mail. I want to profusely apologize for my silence. An awkward thing has happened. After reading your letter (which I found interesting as well as your pictures of a very attractive man) I deleted your letters by mistake not meaning to do this. Altogether they occupied too much space and my mailbox has hardly opened, almost half an hour. So, I decided to leave the text and delete the pictures but somehow deleted them all. I feel really sorry about what has happened and am writing to you right from Irene's house to tell you that I am sincerely interested in this relationship. I would love to invite you to come over and be my guest. It looks like you took an offence but please dont. I didn't mean to hurt you or disregard you, it just happened. Hopefully, I'm writing not too late? I just loved your pictures and would like to send you mine to see if you like them as much as I did your ones. Please let me know if youre still interested.


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                      I received my visa today

                      Irene- why did Vera change her mind so suddenly? My impression was that she did not wish to meet foreign men at all, and I thought her reasoning for this decision was valid.

                      You are kind to offer me the opportunity to rent your flat, thank you. However, I prefer to make my lodging arrangements through a registered travel agency for safety purposes.

                      Unipress agency in Odessa offers flats near the city center for 40USD per night and up. I have used them in the past, and they provided excellent service. Sometimes I make lodging arrangements through private parties, but only if that person is well known to me in advance.

                      Perhaps you could assist me in some other capacity?
                      Could you arrange for my transfer from Odessa to Borispol airport on July 4? I do not know the train schedules, except that they usually arrive at their destination in the early morning. It would be ideal if my arrival in Kiev occured during the late afternoon instead.

                      PS- I'm employed in a medical profesion, but not as a physician.


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                        I'm sorry that you got suspicious about Vera. I believe I will leave it the way it is. I know the truth but you go the way you wish. And she never changed her mind. What gave you this impression?
                        Of course I can arrange your transfer to Odessa from Borispol and I used to do it in the past but why should I if I don't even know you? I coudl do it for Vera bu tnot for a stanger.
                        As for your profession I guess her English is not good enough. But it doesn't matter now.


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                          Hi Irene and Terrence,

                          Sorry to intrude but I noticed the last posting of Irene.

                          First of all Terrance, I guess you will be arriving at Odessa by plane and want to go by train to Kiev?
                          If so it seems irrational since more flights are going to Kiev and it is cheaper to fly directly. Then there is the possiblity to go from odessa by plane to kiev (more expensive but faster)

                          Terrance, it seems to me that you are asking to get train tickets for you from Odessa to Kiev while Irene is living in Kiev. This will be quite some logistical problem for her. I think she could arrange it but she needs to know someone in Odessa to get the ticket for you and give it to you. The train system is not like an Airlinecompany where you can reserve very easy a tiket and will be there at some counter waiting for you. Mostly it takes quite some time and arranging to get you a good ticket and the tickets will have to be issued on your complete name.

                          For the confusion with Vera, Terrance it seems to me that Vera does did act like she did to save mone. Realise that altough for you maybe 5grivna are only one dollar but but to a person living in the Ukraine this can be quite a lot. People when they have a good job will earn maybe 300dollars a month. So $5 diverence in the renting price is quite high for ukraine standards.
                          So to be honest to you my fiancee also brokeoff bigdownloads when it took to much time. And even with my fiancee who is an university graduate language was especially in the beginning an problem in witch misunderstandings and arguments and mistrust because of it where looking around the corner. Ukrainian Woman are very proud and like to be handled with politeness as gentlemen should. And believe me Ukrainian men do this...

                          For security matters the risk with residential copanies seems to me just as big. But you could best take first an hotel and judge Irenes appartment or any other appartment at the spot and decide what appartment you like.

                          Berealistic, you are traveling to the Ukraine. See it as renting an appartment downtown there is always an risk involved. But to publicly speak this out is quite an insult to Irene and I do not understaand you, you are not trusting her appartment but you trust her to reserve you an rail ticket. She could easy get you an ticket in an 2nd class coupe with 3criminals who will rob you, or picpocket you.... even worse there is alway the chance to get picpocketed while you sleep in the train.....

                          (Sorry Irene , not that I believe you would but still to get him realise risks. But he seems to not realise that criminals can be everywhere and alo in realestate companies he finds over the internet.)

                          Good luck to both of you and to Vera


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                            Irene, you seemed to have misunderstood me and it's my deepest regret that you think I'm suspicious of Vera or you as a person. I am also partly to blame for this misunderstanding, and will try to explain my rationale so that we might remain in good standing with each other. Unfortunately, I am at work now and unable to provide additional information at this time.


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                              I am indeed a helpful person because I used to work in a dating business and saw many scams going on and unwillingly was involved into some of them. After I have made my decision to leave everybody was upset and angry with me and
                              didn't understand the reasons of my departure. I left without being paid my last salary but it was not my biggest pain. My heart ached for those sincere gentlemen who spend huge money to come here and pay for accommodation and going out as well as presents to the girls who might not even been interested in them and only agreed to meet them to have a chance to go out to expensive restaurants for free as well as receive presents from their suitors. Since then I feel compelled to help people on that side of the globe and it's absolutely free, I don't expect any return.

                              So, to tell the truth I was hurt by response of TDog both: about Vera and about the flat. I'm the most diligent landlady myself willing to come and clean and cook breakfast for a client without any additional cost which is usually not done for as low cost as $30 per day (by the way, I live in Odessa) as for the landlords I know I used their services not once and see the same diligence and honesty in relationship. As for agencies I know diffeent ones. I know one that had a client who booked a flat and when he came they rented it to someone else and gave him a flat on Tairova outskirts for just a bit lower price. We're all people would be an agency or an individual. As for Vera I don't want to talk about much more. The girl receives her 160 grivnas per month and lives only due to the help of her parents and all these talks about "just 5 grivnas" with our low speed Internet when one page uploads God knows how long and in TDog's case because of the huge files he sent her mailbox opened almost for half an hour... And then this poor little girl decided to delete all but one letter to save the space and by mistake clicked on all and was blamed in lack of interest and then in changing her mind "so quickly". Sounds at least strange.
                              But, Fenicks, I do appreciate your understanding and sober reasoning. You're right we have many criminals here. In government, policae, justice, dating agencies, girls-brides who may well be married as the director of one agency told me. So, one should be careful and I can understand TDog wh is aware of the situation