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Black People in Ukraine

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  • Black People in Ukraine

    I was reading the post of the African man seeking a Ukrainian women compainion and couldn't help but notice seeing that black men have a hard time in Ukraine...why is that? Is there some historical reason for that? Did something happen that I am not aware of?
    One of my bestfriends are from Ukraine and he is completely open about dating others of other ethnic backgrounds and races.

    If black men have a hard time in Ukraine then how are the black women treated in Ukraine? How do the men act towards them? Are they accepted as equals there?

    I am taking Russian next year and I plan to use those language skills to help me in Ukraine, if I go there (we dont offer Ukrainian in my school but Russian is the closest we have.) I want to know how I will be treated.

    I am very surprised by this especially since the family I know from Ukraine and the students in my school from Ukraine are EXTREMELY open and nice people.

    Please help me with this information


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    Don't you use the name Nubianman too. Just like to know.


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      No, never seen him. Dont know that guy...


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        Nub, Im American but I hear that people of color don't do too well in Ukraine in general. It's a misconception that other countries aren't racist. Take Korea, for example, they think they're the best thing on the planet...but they have a right to their opinion. My Ukrianian frinds say that there are hardly ANY black people in Ukraine, and they are proud of that...I disagree with them though. (The don't mind black people from Africa, it's Black Amercians they don't care for.)


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          What is their problem with us?
          What have we done to you?
          Why do they favor the Africans but not the African Americans?
          So if I went there and I tell them where I'm from they're gonna look down on me for that???????


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            Nub, I think that most Ukrainians are open minded but they see black Americans as 'the Jessie Jackson' type. I can not speak for them, because I'm American and from Atlanta (and white). But I have as many black friends as you do and I was suprised to hear that there is such a huge minority of people of African heritage. We learn as we go, Nub, you might be the gateway. Keep learning the language. It's tough, but rewarding, and I speak it "c tpyDom" (with difficulty), but you will impress all Russians (not to mention yourself) if you become proficient.
            Good luck, I'll check back to see if you reply


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              hey marc!

              Well, I do kinda want to go and learn the language really well. Um...I dont have many black friends...see I live in suburbs and you know how that goes.
              I feel that the majority of the population will be really cool. I was just wanted to see how much like the American people they were. See how I'm treated there in comparison or contrast to here.



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                Ukrainians are not racist, we are a very open minded nation, but there are some things you should understand. Some american things come to ukraine too, i.e. movies and rap music, now with very little knowledge of English, all one can hear in rap music is "you know the word " ( I don't feel comfortable using such words even in forums). This workd is used very OFTEN. Now, if I have never been to US and never talked to a sigle black person, I might assume that the reason why this word is used so often is because it OK to use it - even black people use it, then why can't I? (the same applies to movies).

                The other things is, that we really don't have many black people in Ukraine and when some people see one - they will be very surprised, you just look very different! Now I am not saying that the person who never saw a black girl will be racist, NO... but while being surprised you may feel unwelcome. I know it is very hard to understand for you, just because you live(d) in a multinational country! The point is, that it will take as much effort from you to be forgiving and patient as it will take some ukrainians to accept you (and the vast majority will be so welcoming that you will feel like they are in love with you).

                Lastly, there is a part of population that is poor and not brought up well, hence no manners and a lot of negative energy. Most of these are probably teenagers (but this is just my assumption!). And this group envy you - just because you come from US, with the envy (for some reason, I can't expalin why) the hate comes too. And this has nothing to do with race! Envy will make them look like racist even thought, had these people been given a chance they would behave totally different. Now, I hope you never come across this group, yet if you do, my advise is just ignore them (if you can).

                Good luck in Ukraine, with some knowledge of Russian and a little patience you will probably earn a lot of respect and will be very welcomed! Oh... you will get so much nice Ukrainian food !! hmmm... now I want to go back for a little while


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                  Your mother must have dropped you when you were a kid, is that right? How many times?


                  this is a website of a white guy who has been to Africa very many times and nothing ever happened to him! I think he has some stories about his experiences as a white guy while he was in Africa.

                  I think that you Kasper will get beaten up anywhere you go, just because of how annoying you can be! Before posting anything, you should consider choosing appropriate language.

                  I have seen Ukrainians that were swinging cats by their tails and then throwing them off the roof of a high building! I have seen Ukrainians kick kittens too, I was young and I was scared, I just left... But because these things happened with Ukrainians, does that mean I should hate all Ukrainians? I don't think so...

                  Before replying to this post, I urge you to see "American History X" maybe you will benefit from it.
                  Anyhow, I have little faith in you, so I guess I just have to ignore you... you really don't seem worth any attention


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                    kaper moron

                    Is "intelligents" a word to you? You don't even know how to use a friggin' dictionary???? Oh God, what's wrong with you. Pathetic.
                    Got puck?... stay out of my crease.


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                      Originally posted by Kasper
                      I see V-G i have over exstermated you with having some intelligents, you are just as stupid as everyone else, and it is you who needs to read america history X comrade...
                      Martin Luther King JR hmmm well he never had his name change by legaly so his real name is Malcom Luther King jr, and didnt Malcom say all people should be treated the same? Yet now now blacks are getting specal treatment while normal people work their asses off blacks just get hand outs and specal treat ment.

                      A great man once said i would rather be hated by the stupid and get my facts across, than to be loved by the stupid

                      Even if i was droped on my head (witch i wasnt because i had a very intelligent and careful mum unlike yours) i would still have more intelligents than a stupid left winger drone like you!

                      You should read some Darwin stupid boy...

                      Yours - Kasper Hugosson!

                      I got your point Kasper - THIS is the last message that is directed from me to you! You deserve no such thing as my posts. hahaha...


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                        Re: idiots!

                        Originally posted by Kasper
                        nub look at you treating Ukraine as the new holiday resort of the world and other americans going to Ukraine before any other European country, and how many come back desapointed!

                        V-G i know its hard for you left wingers to see another point of view, but stop being so libral! it doesnt make you a nice or intelligent person! Just like all these stupid middel classed english people growing up in their midel classed homes never ever seeing a black person in their area and becoming black surpporters because they think it makes them nice people

                        There was one of these stupid middle classed black lover english women who went to africa to give black people aid, when she was on the bus, they bus got stoped, and they shot her in the head for being white!
                        a dirty end to a stupid left winger, but it is funny for me how stupid she was!

                        V-G i live in Iceland (yeah i know no blacks here as you are thinking) but i have done a exchange program to england as a student and seen how real black people are away from the english middel classed homes,
                        One morning i woke up to screaming, and some black idiots was jumping on a bag of kittens!

                        All blacks do is wine about how they was slaves 100s of years ago, and yet Russia had slaves of serfs up to 1846! If it wasnt for whites blacks would of died 100s of years ago, look at all the countrys around the word and have all grown intelligent even asia but africa has stayed the same!

                        Also V-G i have lived in Boyarka Ukraine and have many friends and they are not poor or stupid they dont like blacks for many of the reasons i have stated aboth and blacks would never be welcome in Boyarka or widely in Ukraine.
                        nud is going to a country she has only read the basics of and she thinks the fake Ukrainians in north america will be the same as in Ukraine, if she is stupided eought to go to Ukraine, she will have a big shock! No matter what you left wingers say or think!

                        Yours - Kasper Hugosson!

                        Ok, one I wouldnt be going to Ukraine on vacation I'd go there to study or do community service. I'd pick there because of what I have seen and heard from my friend who moved here from Ukraine 3 years ago, not what I have read. Yes I know that there arent many of my people are they BUT HOW DARE YOU pack us into one group because of what YOU'VE read or may have seen because if you knew any better you'd know that all of us arent like that and I dont know where the hell you met the guys who were kicking the cats in the bag cause i dont know any who would. I think you must have been dreaming or something.
                        Ok we were slave for 400 years until 1865 (Civil War) and still after all that we werent treated as citizens. As Europeans from Eastern Europe came over and got legal citizenship we were still treated as dogs and labor horses. Yes, if we dont speak our mind of our past we would be doomed to repeat it. We educate NOT complain and I think you know that full and well.
                        Dont say that we wouldnt be alive if it werent for whites cause Africa wouldnt be in the situation it is in now if it werent for WHITES. We would still be prosperious as were since the beginning of time...if it werent for WHITES...this nation (US) was buildt by all races! You stole US to work the fields to feed you and clean your houses and take care of your kids when you were out doing whatever it was you were doing. We were there. When your armies werent strong enough wars were won cause WE were there.
                        I think you know that I would be accepted in Ukraine you're just being a little arse and trying to anger folks, but who cares.

                        I think you need to brush up on your American history because YOUR facts are a bit off track!



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                          We get benefits in our country partly for forgiveness of what happened in the past. We get help financially because of our economic stance. Its hard to be born in a low economic life and then rise above it..its harder that you may think.
                          So for things such as college and food, some of us get aid to help us support our selves and our family for a period of time...and for the record, there are more white people on welfare than blacks so you need to just smash whatever it was your were thinking Kasper...



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                            Ignore KAsper, he just gets a kick out of showing a finger to everybody. He is not rasist - he doesn't know enough to be one.
                            Jut ignore his posts and communicate with normal people.
                            Sincerely, Volodya
                            PS. I am sure you will have great time in Ukraine!


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                              Volodya is right, just ignore Kasper.

                              His only entertainment is seeing people's reactions.