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A Story of a Ukrainian Wife

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  • A Story of a Ukrainian Wife

    Here's a little something to show you that those marriage agencies are basically a double edged sword. THe story comes from and if you can read Russian you can 'enjoy' it there in full color. Otherwise I'm going to retell it here as close to the original as possible.

    So, this poor soul, Russian woman married to an American man for seven years found out the truth after his sudden death from a stroke. From the very beginning she was a happy and content wife of a loving husband. Little did she know that in the eyes of the "friends of the family", neighbors, colleagues she was no more than a "poor refugee from Russia whom Mister X gave shelter in his own home". As it turned out, during those 7 years nobody ever suspected they were legally married!

    The two of them met through one of those marriage agencies. He said he was doing some SECRET work fro the US government and could not visit her in her home town. They met in Canada where her mother lived at that time. He proposed, they got married, it was a very small wedding, he didn't want anythign grand.

    Now, that lie about some SECRET job of his let him leat a double life. Everythign he did for living was under a veil of secrecy. She only knew he worked at one of the "largest US Air Force bases" and because of the nature of his work he had to visit Russia on a regular basis. He kept his documents hidden, she had no access to his computer "because of all the secret stuff" he did. She she found out later the hard drive contained hundreds of profiles of Russian and Ukrainina women visiting which was what his "business trips" were about. The pictures left no doubts about the nature of his relationship with those women.

    It started when she returned from the funeral and found several messages on the answering machine, like "Why didn't you call me? I missed you so...". Trying to understand what was going on she started returning the calls only to find out many interesting details about her own husband.

    In that other life he had lead he was after every woman. He explaned to his friends that the woman living in his house was a poor refugee from Russia, that he met her on one of his business trips to Russia and saved her from prosecution by KGB by bringing her to the States. It turned out that her husband had an unimaginable number of lovers in Russia he was visiting on a regular basis.

    The woman is still trying to get over it, getting education on the money from his life insurance.

    Visit the link - you'll find a lot of interesting stuff like what Russian and Ukrainian women think about their life abroad.

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    Which woman would be so naive as to believe her husband works for a spy agency? If he was really CIA/FBI/NSA, he wouldn't tell his wife about that.