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    My friend at work wants to post his personal information to the ladies here.

    Hi I'm Skip,

    I work for a large company that makes us travel a lot of the time and I am not married yet. I'm 6'1 and weigh 210 pounds with broad shoulders and a hairy chest and body of blonde hair. My age is 30 and it's time I met a wonderful lady to get married to.
    I've spent most of my adult life working and am glad to say that I could retire completely in five years time. My motivations are the sea and sailing. I love to travel in my 45 foot sail boat when time allows me to do so. I also enjoy children and relatives very much.
    I come from a large family and am the youngest of 8 children. I have four older sisters and three younger sisters so you could say I understand women to a large We are all a large and happy family and I have 18 neices and nephews already as well as 2 more on the way. Weddings are a large part of our family because my mother and father both came from large families
    I'm interested in meeting a nice lady of slavic heritage and culture. Since I've traveled to Ukraineon four occasions I'm somewhat familiar with customs and traditions.
    If you would like to be friends please contact Joey and he will be sure to forward and initiating correspondence to me.
    Good luck and good day to all of you.

    CameoJoe (Joey)

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    I love sea too!

    hey, CameoJoe!!!

    your friend sounds so interesting to me for some reasons..

    I LOVE SEA and everything regarding water.

    I'm from a small family...but I wish I had a big one

    And I would love to have an English-speaking friend.

    He didn't provide any contact information though

    Anyway, tell him, I would like to be his friend.

    Best regards,

    Ukrainian Girl.


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      I made a mistake with the writing because I was thinking as I

      He is youngest of all those

      I assure you that "Christian" will get your message...That's his first name.. Thanks