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  • Christmas!

    Can anyone help?

    My Ukrainian boyfriend is visiting me in the UK this Christmas.
    How do Ukrainians celebrate Christmas and how can I make him feel at home ( even though he won't be!)

    Thnakyou :-)

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    Glad to help

    First you need to know what his religion is, is he Orthodox or not? The difference would mean a different day for celebration. Beyond that I would say you should have your whole family over ( to make him feel part of it ) and cook 12 dishes ( traditionally Ukrainian ) no meat:

    Holodets from fish ( cold fish in jellied broth )
    Pampushki ( fried rolls of bread made with yeast)
    Meatless golubtsi (cabbage rolls)
    Meatless varenyky (dumplings with cabbage, potatoes or cherries)
    Anyone else can offer any suggestions?


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      Thanks :-))

      Cold fish in jellied broth??!!!
      Maybe I'll show him a traditional English Xmas!!

      No..seriously, thats really useful. He is Orthodox...and I know they celebrate Xmas in January so maybe we shall have tow Christmases!

      Can I ask about prsents? In the Uk/America..Xmas is very materialistic. I want to treat him and buy him some nice presents...but I also don't want to overwhelm him. What do you think?


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        Originally posted by Capa

        Cold fish in jellied broth??!!!
        Maybe I'll show him a traditional English Xmas!!

        Now thereís an idea!! Why donít you cook him some tripe with black pudding on the side?!


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          Please enlighten me Kaspar!

          Kaspar..seeing as you have so much to say on this website..but you could enlighten me about Ukrainian Christmases?
          You obviously Know so much about Ukraine, I would love your input.
          How do Ukrainians celebrate Christmas???



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            Another thing...please use correct English when you writing meesages on here. Can I give you some help with your grammar?
            Lotsa luv x


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              Originally posted by Capa
              Thanks :-))

              Cold fish in jellied broth??!!!
              Maybe I'll show him a traditional English Xmas!!

              It is really good, I realize to you as to Americans it sounds gross, but its finger licking good. First you have to have fresh white fish, you cut it in 2 inch pieces and fry it ( first season it and coat it with flour ) in sunflower oil, prefferably. You arrange it in a shape of the fish on a long platter, decorate by peices of slices lemons and carrots and parsley around the fish. Then make fish stockadd some gelatin to it and pour it over the fish, put the dish in the fridge or outside to chill, Eat with fried rolls. What do you serve for English Christmas?


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                P.S. Ukrainians are serious about their food, so making remarks to your boyfriend about the food might cause some resentment.


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                  Thanks :-)
                  Yeah you're does sound better than my inital impressions!
                  Where are you from Divchyna?

                  For some English people it is still traditional to go to church in the morning.. For others it is a day for being with family and watching tv, whilst drinking and eating alot! For my is a combination of both!

                  The christmas meal in the Uk is normally a very big occasion when all the family members gather together.

                  The main meal is either a roast turkey or roast duck, served with roast potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce.
                  For dessert..we have Christmas pudding..which is rich in fruit and soaked in brandy. It is traditional to light this pudding...and it flames.

                  After is traditional for the family members to gather around the tv..and watch the queens christmas speech! Then everyone opens presents etc.

                  By the end of the day normally everyone has eaten and drunk too much...and they spend the next day recovering!


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                    Ukrainian food

                    I will bear in mind what you say about Ukrainian food..and what I say to my b'friend/

                    My boyfriends family are still very Russian and the times I have visited Kiev, I have really only tasted Russian food.
                    I have to admit is not to my liking...and in my boyfriends defence he hates English food!

                    We agree to differ on some things :-)


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                      Hi Capa, originally I am from Vinnytsya, its close to Kyiv. Now I reside in US, Minnesota. I love Christmas, and I get to celebrate twice because I am Orthodox! Your Christmas sounds wonderfull, the food reminds me of Thanksgiving ( I am still recouperating after the turkey attack) The pudding sounds yammy, do you have the recepie? I think your boyfriend would like a present, although its not particularly customery in Ukraine to give presents on that day. We usually celebrate by going to church, getting together with the family and eating a lot, kids watching Christmas shows on tv popping in and out of the room to join the adults in singing. Sounds somewhat similar, except we don't have a queen, LOL.


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                        So your boyfriend is Russian? What did you eat on your visits to Kyiv?


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                          My boyfriend and his family are Ukrainian, but still very set in their Russian ways ( because of USSR). His mother and father don't speak Ukrainian at all. They live in Kiev.

                          I will try and find you a recipe for christmas pudding, but will have to get back to you on that!

                          The food I experienced in Kiev was interesting! I remember one breakfast..which was warm sugared milk with floating spaghetti. I know how important food is in the Ukraine and how rude it is not to finish your meal, but I really felt ill after eating this.

                          Is New year more of a celebration than Christmas in the Ukraine?

                          PS Thanks for your help..its really interesting x


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                            Well, I wouldn't say "more of a celebration" Its just different. Christmas is more of a family holiday, whereis NY is party your butt off usually with friends. One of my favorite traditions for Chrtismas is Kolyadky and Shedrivky ( people caroling outside of your house in the evening )Its beatifull, you open the door and give them sometthing ( money or candy or a peice of home made sausage or bread ) On NY some people also go dressed as Santas, drunk in the middle of the night screaming Happy New Year! What memories it brings!


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                              They both sound great..Xmas and NY that is.

                              Anyway..its getting late here and so I am off to bed.
                              Thanks for your help.

                              Maybe we can keep in touch?
                              My email address is