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Black/African male seeks Ukrainian female

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  • Black/African male seeks Ukrainian female

    Tall, dark & handsome African American male...30 something..well read & well traveled seeks a marriage minded female willing to relocate to USA. Picture and complete profile available in

    serious responses, ONLY. Visit my profile at

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    Enough, Kasper!

    I will not be intimidated by your racist and ignorant remarks...I know your kind. Here is a bag, can spit up all you want...The world needs love and NOT ignorance. The energy you spend responding to postings, can better be spent making the world a better place to live!

    Just so you know, I had read some of your responses before posting my message...people like you do not deserve a forum to spread hatred and bigotry. Back off, young man...I will NOT put up with your nonsense!


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      Can't stand the heat, leave the kitchen!

      I see you are asking for Inrika's help...whats the matter? huh? Can't stand the heat? Inrika, I am sure, sees through you like glass. For once, someone has stood up to you and you are crying for help!

      Poor baby...I will not stoop to your level. I hope you learn NOT to respond to every posting, especially the ones that you have no business responding to. The world is tired of bullies like you...people with low self-esteem like you. Get a life, be a big boy and don't hold on to Inrika's coat tail!

      If you cannot see that your statements about black women are prejudicial, then, I wonder how much education and knowledge you have about Detroit and USA. Just for your information, I have met many Eastern European men and women and I must tell you that you do NOT represent them by your venomous views; views that belong in the Stone Age!

      Like I said, you have an inferiority complex and this is a good forum for you to express yourself. I am a psychiatrist and I will gladly provide free counseling/therapy for you...

      Then again you are so set in your ways that even that would NOT do you any good. I feel sorry for your kind and I sincerely hope that you will accept the truth about who and what you are and seek help...God is good to all!


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        It is none of your business what kind of men Ukrainian women prefer, they certainly do not look for immature boys like yourself. I have seen Ukrainian gals marry Chinese, Korean, Tatar, black Cuban...etc men, most women just want an educated, intelligent, sweet, independent, and loving man, no matter his background. Sure, we want to preserve our culture and keep our language alive, but so far I do not see any Ukrainian men desperately seeking Ukrainian women, they are instead emmigrating to Canada and U.S., so whom are Ukrainian women supposed to marry? Do you think they'd prefer racist, highly immature, loud, abnoxious, with no good manners men just because they're WHITE?? You are mistaken, learn something about Ukrainian women.
        Yes, we may prefer to have children who are Ukrainian, but that's not as important as to have a loving husband and a stable family, which in Ukraine isn't so easy to get from a man.
        Please do not belittle and insult visitors, learn some tact and try to show good manners. One thing I really dislike is foreign men who think they are experts of what Ukrainian women want.



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          Welcome to
          This is an international site about Ukraine, everyone is welcome to join and post in our forum.


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            You call me twisted because I'm not an ignorant racist like you?


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              Relax please

              Re-read your posts, you are not THAT stupid as you pretend to be.


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                I do not agree with RickNorth either on this subject

                Kasper if you are intelligent enough, you should be aware that chronological age is irrelevant when it comes to wisdom.


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                  Ukrainian men would be ideal for Ukrainian women, but where the hell are they?


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                    Age is irrelevant

                    I read your messages and responses to others, I see how you "welcome" new visitors and watch how you stick your nose into threads where people are simply looking for pen pals and connections, you are less than gracious to them, what have they done to you? Do you think that belongs to white northern Europeans such as yourself? This is a multicultural website on internet where anyone who has internet connection logs on, everyone has the right to look for friends and happiness where ever they desire, you are not here to dictate what others should want in life, no one is asking for your advice or permission.
                    Ukrainian women have always been known to marry outside of their ethnic background so as Ukrainian men, what is your point?


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                      I do agree with Kasper in regards to him giving good advice to the black man and at the same time understand he has spoken a lot of truth. Where is it listed that the blackman gets special treatment here. He deserves the truth too. Black men have a bad track record in marriage period and the desire may not be there for him in Ukraine.
                      Before visiting Ukraine for the first time a tour company suggested in WRITING that there were problems with being BLACK and seeking a Ukrainian woman. I suppose it's good to let the truth be known no matter how the black man wants to twist it.



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                        I was born in Ukraine and lived most of my life there, believe me I understand Ukrainian women much more than you will ever dream to. I have expected such an insulting response from you after following your messages during your stay at, your less than tactful manner is not surprising nor inspiring.

                        I'm only here to keep peace and you are here to post without harrassment, do we understand each-other?


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                          Where do you see special treatment? What about the white Americans and Canadians who visit this site? What about visitors from U.K., do you assume they are all Black? LOL


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                            It is VERY true that Black men have difficulties in Ukraine, everyone knows this, but what is the problem when a man wants to post to look for a pen pal, he should be the one to decide, not someone else.


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                              Am I making you stressed?

                              Sorry, but that was genuinely funny! LOL