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Teen pregnancy

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  • Teen pregnancy

    How do Ukrainians view teenage pregnancy? do they look at it as a bad thing? or do they accept it? I would really like to be with this ukrainian man I have met, but he hardly knows me and I am afraid he won't accept me because I have a child. And don't think I was irresponsible. i was taken advantage of, but i still think he might think i am a terrible person.

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    You are not a teenages anymote, right? I don't see why he'd have a problem with you having the child. People make mistakes and sometimes are irresponsible or are taken advantage of and have to deal with the consequences and as long as it is done in a mature and responsible way it shouldn't be a problem.

    On a general note, teen pregnancy is frowned at but nevertheless it is ok to have a baby at the age of 17-19 in Ukraine. Sometimes even 16, but usually parents take care of their married kids and their kids all together.


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      Thanks for the information. Does anyone else have an opinion on this?