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a call to all patriots

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  • a call to all patriots

    I have had the opportunity to notice that some of the members of this board, had claimed intence desires to samething for the mother country! well I guess this is an opportunity for you guys and gals to test your resolve. I am talking about the current families which are currently suffering for their great loss of their love ones in the current loss of the soviet nuclear submarine the "Kursk". I am talking about monetary contributions to charity funds created for the families of people lost on this terrible accident. I understand that some members of the crew were of Ukranian origen! I am just calling for an invitation to contribute to help this poor victim's families! If any of you know of an organisation or charity funds created for this purpose, were I can send my check, please let me know, I would really appresiate it. thanks
    Ps. please disregard my typos, or spelling errors. no way of checking so on this portal.

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    Greetings to everybody who is interested in this topic. I am a very happy girl because I am going to marry a wonderful man. He is German. And he doesn't think that he buys me. Sure, he has money as all normal western people, who care at least a little bit about their future. But I never was a poor little girl either. Short before I had a good job and could take care of myself.
    Now I live in Germany with my future husband and I can say something about the yoyoman's topic... Personally I have nothing against you, yoyoman, because as far as I understand you’re not the kind of man I'm going to talk about. I knew enough Ukrainian men who are very angry with "those rich western bastards" who "buy" Ukrainian girls. But... (and now I'm talking to all Ukrainian guys who think like that): "What do YOU have to offer to Ukrainian girl? Or what have you done to make her chose YOU? And have you ever thought that those men have not only money but soul as well??? Believe me, you have no idea what women need, even if you think that you know... Because there are too many women around you who always say: "I would marry any foreign male with money right now!!!" I didn't look for foreign man with money... It just happened that I met Him. And you can’t even imagine what a “rich” Soul He has! And don’t think that Ukrainian women are looking for money or better life abroad. No way! There are enough rich guys in Ukraine -- so-called “New Russians” (or, better, “New Ukrainians”), who have much more money then my guy has and who can go to any of the most wonderful countries to stay, but… And here comes the most important part… If I would have to chose between one of those guys and my future husband I would never prefer Ukrainian man doesn’t matter how rich he is because he will never treat me as my German guy does… Never!!! Because of one simple reason: Ukrainian guy doesn’t know how he should treat a girl. Nobody ever show him how man has to treat woman: he doesn’t learn that in school, and hardly his father is a real gentleman that he’s able to show that to his son. And here, in Western Europe woman is a Woman, and she has all the respect she can ever get.
    P.S. I don’t want to offence anybody with this letter and I’m sure that, anyway, there are many good men in Ukraine too, I were talking about very “hard cases”.
    Thanks for your attention, all the best,


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      Greetings Elena,
      You are so right.
      Good Luck to You,


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        Greetings Frau Elena,
        You are SO wrong.

        I really hope that all Ukrainian females, who say "I'll never marry Ukrainian man" would leave Ukraine immediately.

        Gutes Gluck in Deutschland!
        For Independent and prosperous Ukraine


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          Greetings Stas,
          Before you came to the US, we had a terrible
          period in our history. We were involved in a terrible, needless war in Vietnam. The country was devided. There were some who were in favor of the war. Others were against it. Those who were in favor of the war, called the other side CHICKENS, COMMUNIST, and other ridiculous names. They had a bumper sticker that said: America, Love it or Leave it. History, in the meantime has proven those in opposition of the war the real patriots. If you love your country, sometimes you have to speak out
          against what it does or what some of it's citizens are doing.
          Good Luck


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            Greetings Bill,

            Indeed you are correct, but what does that have to do with anything here? (O_O)

            I'm sure it does, but can you explain to me? Because my mind very exhausted now, also cloudly-thinking... You know... school...

            Good luck,
            For Independent and prosperous Ukraine


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              DEAR BREZEL
              i feel u r exactly right,but i'd watch the comments by certain people on this site,they feel they r right,full stop.
              they critise foreign men for "buying" ladies,
              theb critise its there fault,im 28,and talking to a lady from oblast(?)shes really cool,and she agrees with u entirely,shes going thru a real rough patch at the moment(7 years actually)and she wants to moove out to australia,i will be right behind her 110%
              financially,mentally,physically and spiritaully im selling my 92 gsxr750 (i have been street racing on for 3 years now......)
              to get her over here,she says virtually
              to the word that u say......(oleysa,lippychick,steve or whoever TAKE NOTES)
              im definately not "buying" her.illegal slave trading does'nt happen here(well sorta)
              im so happy for you,i wish you all the luck in the world,cause love is wherever u find it
              ,not where u were told to find it....

              well done

              jason cadell


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                yo bill'ski
                the vietnam war is a lie....
                my father was an officer of 186 men in 1969,he did everything,from sending "kids" to there deathes to executing 'cong prisoners.
                he stated that it did start as US V COMMUNISM,but it ended up being everyday men fighting Ping Ya Vong and Quak Vu...
                by that he means wars are fought by factions,but the battles are fought by soldiers,and when he was exposed to heavy fire,watching his men die of gruesom deaths,agent orange,"friendly fire",torture,boobytraps,and the ultimate dishonor to a soldier,been executed....
                communism meant nothing to him,he just wanted to kill as much as the enemy as possible,communist or whatever...
                so i think the people who wanted to bring them back are the real patriots,but what do u say to veterans:"soory about that,but u really did'nt have to go in the 1st place.."
                maybe the real patriots of the war are the soldiers themselves,i mean,they really did pay the ultimate sacrafice he still has nightmares & has contracted a rare skin disease....
                but i would,nt be saying the hippies won the vietnam war,or u might end up on a milk carton.....

                on ya


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                  Greetings Jason,
                  I am a veteran of that war myself. Disabled
                  and all. The regret that I have is not my disability. I regret that I did not have the
                  the courage to say: Hell no, I won't go. I was torn between country and duty on one side, and doing the right thing on the other.
                  Don't get me wrong, I am not in a wheelchair
                  or in bed. The war did leave it's mark on me though. More ways than one.
                  Good Luck
                  Ps: Like your father, I was an officer also.
                  I did not have a command. I was a pilot.


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                    Greetings Stas,
                    In one of your postings you say that those women who say :"Ill never marry a Ukrainian man should leave Ukraine immidiately." My statement was aimed at that remark.
                    Good Luck with your school work.


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                      mr ungaro



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                        Back in blighty,
                        Jason whatever you do, do not send any money to this woman. Your recent post indicates to me that there's a racketeering scam going on. Ask this woman to send you her phone number, get her to send you a photo of her self standing by a famous land mark and you stipulate the land mark. Get an address off her.

                        These thing go on all the time. Racketeers know that western men lust after Ukie women and are more than willing to exploit this. She may ask you for money for English lessons as she need to get a tofel, she'll ask for 400-500USD for this. It's all going to be boll*cks unless she proves she exists.

                        Despite all our other argument, I hate racketeers more than most and wouldn't wish them to get one penny of your money.

                        She is probably a six foot skin head rather than the woman you think.

                        if you want any advice on these scams just email me.

                        I will not respond until Monday as I'm off home to bed to sleep of my trip to Kyiv.

                        Take care.


                        By the way Oblast just means region. as in 'Borispil airport is in the Kyiv oblast', Just another indication your being scammed.


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                          Hello Stas and greetings to everybody.
                          I’m afraid you misunderstood me... I meant I’m sure that any way definitely there are many good men in Ukraine also and I were talking only about very "heavy cases". And I didn't say that I would never marry Ukrainian man, no way! What I meant is that I would never prefer so-called New Ukrainian man with all his money if I would have to chose between him and my future German husband. I hope you understand why… We all know that kind of men…

                          And I want to say thanks to B.Ungaro and Jason for moral support.


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                            So much for getting home early!!!

                            Hi Elana,

                            I'm pleased that you've met a great German chap and I'm sure you'll be very happy.

                            Ukrainian men and women marrying westerner has never been the issue. I know plenty of people who've done this. What the issue has been is men from the west (and maybe women) going to Ukraine and thinking they can get a subservient women (man) who'll do everything they want because they've got some money.

                            It's an attitude problem, where people think that their country is so obviously better than Ukraine. Interms of everything, even though they've never seen Ukraine. (a few days ain't enough time to get an impression of anywhere. My first month in Kyiv was an absolute nightmare, I didn't know anything and was intimidated by most of what I saw... and I speak Ukrainian and Russian. This was in 1994 and things have change enormously since then)

                            I think you'll find that's what gets to us. I also appreciate that there's some rotten men in Ukraine, but as far as I'm aware these people exist everywhere, it just appears to me that some people feel that Ukraine and eastern Europe have the monopoly.

                            Take care and I hope you and you husband have a fantastic life together.



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                              Ah... it's friday I've survived another week, and I'm very happy by this fact.

                              Hi Elena, okay, so you meant only corruptive modern business-men of Ukraine. That's another story... sorry for my misunderstandment.

                              Good luck,
                              For Independent and prosperous Ukraine