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    HELLO, PEOPLE!!!!!!!
    I am from Ukraine. But soon I shall go to the USA as an exchange student. I'm afraid a little.I hope you can tell me something interesting. Thanks.

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    Welcome to our cyber-community cool.girl!!!

    The first thing you should buy when you get here is a can of pepper spray. It is more effective than mace and safer than a gun. If anyone attempts to mug you(maybe worse) just give them a good spray in the eyes. They will be sorry they messed with you. You will also get to hear them howl like a wild animal.

    And don't do drugs. They are very expensive due to the fact that they are illegal(which is why lots of people get mugged). They will rot your brain and could cause you to go to jail. Here in America we throw more people in prison than any other country in the world.

    If you are politically aware, people will tell you that America has a two party system made up of Democrats and Republicans. This is false. The smartest and most tuned in people are what we call Libertarians. The candidate for President will most likely be Harry Browne. Encourage your friends to vote for him.

    America is a great country with lots of fine people. Try to hang out with other cool people and avoid the idiots and buffoons at all cost. As a woman your intuition is usually the best judge of character.

    If a gentleman named B.Ungero tries to give you any advice you should ignore him as he has been brainwashed and we have not had the opportunity to de-program him as yet.

    Please keep in touch with us here and contribute what you can. You may even be able to assist in the de-programming of Ungero. Good luck to you in all things and we certainly hope you have a pleasant and fruitful experience in this great country.


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      Dear cool.girl:

      I forgot to add that one of our really cool members is an exchange student from Ukraine. She is in California and her name is Victoria Masnaya. She used to go by Troll-Girl but now her nickname is VicTROLLia. You can see her e-mail address by clicking on the icon above one of her postings. Good luck in your studies.

      Also, you will probably find that you are far ahead of your American peers academically so you won't have to study as much. Just have a lot of fun!!!


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        Greetings cool.girl,
        Don't worry, everything will be fine as long as you use some common sense. (the pepper spray is a GOOD idea if you are as beautiful as the ukrainian woman I've seen) I have been to most parts of america and have met kind people in all areas. Where are you going to be going to school? This country seems to have subtle differences depending on where you will be going


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          Thank you for your answers!! I shall buy a
          pepper spray as quickly as possible!
          You are absolutely right about drugs! It's very bad!
          Harry Browne. I'll remember!
          What's a matter with Ungaro?
          Singleinwiusa! I don't know this yet! And what about your favourite part of America?


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            Dear cool.girl:

            I realize you are only 16 and English is your 2nd language, but "GAY" is a term that refers to people who are romantically attracted to members of their own sex. Singleinusa and I are definitely not GAY. What you meant to say was "gUys". No offense taken cool.girl!!!!!!

            As to Ungero, some may disagree but I know that he is at best a socialist and at worst a Communist. He will not admit to being a Communist but I sense that he is a "closet" Communist. At 16 you may not realize it yet but Communism is a very bad and unworkable system. You know why God put NOrth Korea and South Korea right next to each other? To prove that a Marxist economic system cannot even produce enough food to prevent starvation while the capitalistic system will lead to massive surpluses of food. If you folks in Ukraine will hang tough and embrace a FREE market economy, you will see for yourself what I'm talking about!!!

            Here's hoping you will stay in touch and participate in our wonderful cyber-community. May the force be on your side cool.girl. You go girl!!!!


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              The southwest, the midwest, and ALL along the Rockie Mountains.
              Mr Natural,
              Thanks for your support


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                Cool Girl....Alaska is the beautiful part of the U.S.A......mountains, rivers, and ocean, and of course LOTS of rugged single men.



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                  hey don't scare her you know i didn;t need the spray yet!!!!!!
                  so helo there!!!!!
                  i think you are darn lucky person and life here is not so much fun but i like it you know
                  a lot less parties and drinks but you know it is so nice to see people being nice to you and just telling them stuff about you and ua too you know in here i met the love of my life and had so much fun i live with host family in cali and if you wanna know more just ask questions i will be glad to answer them
                  good luck i wanna hear from you soon


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                    by the way cali is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    you know sun ocean and guys in swiming suits!!!!!!
                    (troll is getting tooooooo exited)


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                      I must correct you on two points regarding Mr. Ungaro. Anyone who reads the boards know that he and I disagree on many things, but in the interests of fairness, I must refer you to something he posted on, Russian Politics Board, Topic "socialism--the final answer" on February 3 & 4. Regarding communism, he wrote "I think that we can all agree that comminism is not even worthy of discussion. While it provides security and basic comfort, it stifles the human spirit, the human drive." Then, with regard to Socialism, he wrote "I am not an advocate of Socialism under any form or flavor."

                      Near the end of one post, he wrote "I am an advocate of a Free Enterprise System with
                      proper Social Programs."

                      Just points of clarification -- as I said, in the interest of fairness.

                      [This message has been edited by Foggy (edited 03 May 2000).]


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                        Greetings Cool One,
                        I have to thank Foggy for clearing up the
                        issue of my political preference. Mr.Natural
                        and I will have a chance to go fishing together, at that time I will attempt to give him some character guidance. I hope that
                        you will enjoy your visit to America.You will love the people for sure. They are friendly and good hearted.
                        Good Luck.


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                          "Gays!!!"? OMG :-)
                          Stop the fighting and give advice!


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                            Greetings everyone:

                            Foggy, I appreciate your attention in this matter as I have not read the quotes you cited. Now I would like to clear up a few things.

                            The quote said that communism "provides basic comfort." I think this indicates just how mixed up Mr. Ungero is. No communist system has been able to provide even enough food to properly feed the people. Oh yeah, the members of the communist party probably ate very well. I'm speculating here but it is quite possible that Ungero and his parents were members of the party in Hungary and thus were insulated from the sufferings of the common folk. Maybe this is why Ungero was able to come to America in the first place. It has been my experience that most of the immigrants who have come here since the demise of the USSR were members of the party and were affluent enough to get out "while the getting was good." Now that shows real character on the part of our recent immigrants who supported a system that couldn't even feed its' people and when the going gets rough they flee here and embrace(halfheartedly) our system which can feed its' people. I would ask Ungero if he was a member of the party but I know he won't answer, just like other direct questions I've posed in the past.

                            His reference to "the human spirit" is so bizarre it almost defies comprehension. I'm not even going to address it and ask the reader to peruse some of his postings. Decide for yourself if he believes in "the human spirit." Oh, he may like us to think he does but it is plain for all to see that he really, deep down, does not. He does, however, believe in logic and reason with all the fervor he can muster. And Foggy, I can't understand for the life of me how you can believe that he really believes in "the human spirit." Oh yeah, he'll protest but don't be deceived.

                            And Bill, if a trip on the lake is going to cost me a lesson in character, then I'll pass, thank you very much. That is really funny. Hilarious, actually.

                            Friends, I decided yesterday that the cyber life is not for me. I've enjoyed our time together but the time has come for me to move on. May the force be with each and every one of you and may you find happiness and prosperity in all of your endeavors. I've truly enjoyed our time together.


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                              Greetings Mr.Natural,
                              I am confused, do you want to go fishing?
                              I have found that the best way to get to know somebody is by going fishing. Get out on the lake in a boat. Just you and the other person. No way to hide or BS. Now as to your direct questions:
                              1. No our family was not Communist. My father
                              was a member of the Small Farmers Party. This party was the opposition to the Communist. Twice he was fired from his job
                              for this activity. You will find this hard to believe, each time he went to court and got his job back.
                              2. As to me being a communist, wrong again.
                              I came to America with nothing. I would not be ruprised if in the last twenty years I paid more income tax than your total earnings. Yes, I do like the free enterprise system. What I do not like is the Hate Mongering, Calculating, Mealy Mouthing, Self Serving, Anti Social, Law Breaking actions of the Republican Party.
                              If you have any other questions, just let me know. Regardless of what you said above, you are still invited to go fishing as my guest.
                              Good Luck.