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  • A friend in Odessa


    I would like to have someone to tell me what
    it is like to live in Odessa. A penpal would
    be nice, or just someone to send E mails to
    I have never been to the Ukraine, but the
    photos I have seen are beautiful. I know that
    you are very friendly people, so please will
    one of you Odessites answer
    Dyakuyu, do pobachenya.

    Christine Keenan
    Christine Keenan

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    I am not from Odessa but I have been there. It is a beautiful city with many interesting things to see and do. One of my most memorable experiences was to see the ballet at the Opera House in Odessa. It is reputed to be the second most beautiful in the world next to Vienna. The beach is great and the history is fantastic.

    Internet rates in Odessa are astronomical even by western standards. As much as $3.00 US per minute. I have heard that the average salary in Ukraine is equivalent to $84.00 per month and employees of the government may go several months without getting paid. It may be difficult to find someone that is willing to communicate casually through the internet and the mail is extremely slow.

    These are just some of my opinions on your request and I am sure there are others on this BBS that may be more knowledgeable on this subject than I.

    By the way, although the official language all over Ukraine is Ukrainian. Most of those that I have met from Odessa speak primarily Russian.

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      Thankyou ArturOOO

      for answering my message. I do know a bit
      about the economy in the Ukraine, I have
      seen photos of the Opera House too and it
      looks amazing.
      I don't know how people get to have any
      contacts with Ukrainians if the post is so
      bad and internet charges are so high.
      Maybe one day I will find my own way over

      Christine Keenan