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aaaahhhh Ukrainian girls - so gorgeous, so mail me!

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  • aaaahhhh Ukrainian girls - so gorgeous, so mail me!

    A big U.K. hello to UKrainian girls!
    I think you're all absolutely beee ooo teee full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But better than that, you're all charming, sweet, intelligent and I would like to get to know you (all 50 million or however many there were at the last count)
    Wanna chat?
    Please reply and I promise I'll get back to you (although 50 million replies may take me some time to do!)
    E u soon

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    hey there alan:

    I am from Ukraine but i speak Russian.I lived in the US for 9 years. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm 5 foot 7. How old are you and where do you live? By the way are you Ukrainian/Russian?


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      Hiya Russian Chick (is that your real name?lol). Nice to hear from you. I am 5'7'' in my shoes, with dark hair and eyes. I'm actually of Ukrainian descent, living in U.K.
      but I don't really speak Uki or Rooski (or American)!
      My motto for life is 'let me eat cake!' - a bit like Marie Antoinette is reputed to have said.

      Where are you living now? and where in USA did you live and why - studying??
      You sound lovely, but what is the most beautiful thing about you?
      Tell me about yourself. What makes you tick?.....

      Take care


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        My real name is Viktoriya and i live in Washington. I moved here with my family because we knew we would have a better life here. What makes me tick??? Well----- maybe that i am fit (i play volleyball) also i have really nice tan skin, and beautiful blue eyes.
        How about you???
        What do you speak?
        How you ever had a Russian girl?


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          hey wuz up
          i am victoria too and just wnted to say hello to you guys
          i am in california now but about ready to o back home to ukraine
          wanna talk?
          i am
          lov e ya all


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            Hiya Viki - living in England I also have lovely brown skin to go with my dark hair and eyes, although the colour of my skin is due to RUST as a result of all the rain and lack of sun we get!
            I speak a bit of Ukrainian, taught to me by my mum and a little Russian (via a phrasebook!)
            I've never had a Russian girl, have you??????!!!!!!!!LOL
            although we have a Belarus girl staying with us at the moment (only 12)
            What are your best (and worst - if any) qualities?


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              I guess i can say that i like guys with dark hair and dark skin. Also muscley, or built. I usually date Russian/Ukrainian guys, so i really never knew anybody from England. I go to a Russian church so that's what keep my Russian language going.
              I love Washington!!!! Nice bueatiful trees and plants all over the place!! Alan, why dont you come for a visit???


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                Ahhh, I'd love to come and visit you in Washy
                (and also Trolly Dolly Victoria although you are off back home soon with a sad heart aren't you?)
                I prefer to date girls who are not muscley and well-built (although I may make exceptions if they are well built in the right places!!!!LOL)