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    I was contacted from a girl from Sevastopol through Would it be safe to say that she is not a scammer? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is not really possible to tell you anything. Perhaps you could shed a little more light on the subject. Let's face it, a strange person contacting you can always be a little suspicious. Did you put out an advert yourself? Give us some background info and I am sure that you'll get the best possible assistance.


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      Need Opinion

      Hi Steven, thanks for the reply, to answer your question, yes I do have a profile on friendfinder and several others, but no profile on any of the Russian sites. As I said, I received an email from her through friendfinders. As I told her, I wasn't particularly looking for a foregin bride, I am just looking for what everyone else is, and thats just to find happiness. We have been emailing each other for about a month now, she had asked me for money for the internet, as she told me it is very expensive over there, she also is registered with an agency, I know the name of it, but Im not sure I should say it on here, so I won't, I did look in the blacklist and the agency or her are not there. My last email I received to day she said she can't afford to write me anymore until she had some more money, she said she could only write me once a month as the agency charge her to send and receive mine. She is more interested in coming to canada it seems, I had asked her what the cost would be to come over here, and she told me that the agency said I would have to look after it on this end. She has given me her phone number, I plan on calling her this weekend, she had only asked me for money the one time, and it was $50.00. I hope you can shed some light on this for me, as I do find her a very interesting women, and she does seem sincere, but when I was checking out the Ukraine website is when I found the blacklist and other stories of scams, so I thought maybe someone could give me there opinion on this, does this sound like the way a scam works.



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        Hi there Jeff,

        I hope that for your sake this is not a scam, although there are a few small things that might be of concern to you. You said that your lady friend told you that she gets charged for sending and receiving emails/letters via the agency. As far as I am aware and based on what I've read on this site and others , the agencies do not charge the ladies, but the cost is included in the charges you'd pay for the correspondence. That is therefore a little suspicious.

        Anyway, what is wrong with good old pen and paper, or does she not speak or write English? Perhaps that is why she uses the agency. I imagine that she must speak and understand a little if she has any intention of going over to Canada or wherever in the Western world and that is why I do not see the problem with pen and paper correspondence. Corresponding from Ukraine is generally not cheap for the average Ukrainian as they earn very little. I am able to understand her asking you for a few dollars to cover phone/internet expenses etc. I would be a little careful sending large sums of cash to someone you do not really know as it could be one big scam. If she has given you a valid phone number and address, it sounds a little more positive. What it comes down to is your gut-feeling. If you see, hear or feel that there is anything suspicious going on then go with your instinct. Don't believe that everyone is a scammer because of the stories of a few unlucky individuals. Who knows, you could miss out on something very good. Just be clever and observant, and perhaps a little dose of scepticism does no harm either.
        Take it all easy, in your stride, and don't allow yourself to be too flattered. Relax, be cool and see how things develop. If she wants to travel to Canada to see you, that should be a good indication of her intent, although I'd suggest that you rather take your hard-earned cash and use it instead to travel to Ukraine and meet her there.

        You'll be able to check her real situation out and you can have a blast of a holiday at the same time. Ukraine is a fascinating country, at least the parts I have been to. If I was in your place then I'd be the one travelling to meet with her instead of her going to Canada.

        Good luck!!!


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          She already asked you for money???
          RED FLAG!!! Very common sign that she's a professional user.

          If you are in the business of giving money away to a hooker without getting anything in return, then be my guest.
          But if you are really looking for love, she is not it.

          Women like her, make the rest of us, Ukrainian women look bad...



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            Internet Cafes - How Much??

            If a girl is using an Internet Cafe how much does it cost her. What about translation charges??


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              Hi Jeff, be very careful, I don't think this sounds good. I have only a limited experience here, but I have been to Ukraine and met a girl there (she later came here to UK). It didn't work and I began to understand how some of these women work and the danger signs I think I should have seen.
              I have too good pen friends now, both of whom write and speak English (one teaches the subject). If the girl wrote to you, she knew what she was doing and what the costs would be, and I hate to say it, but she was probably sending a similar letter to other men. Both of my friends have deliberately avoided the subject of money becuse of what I may think. It may be $50 dollars now, but it will go up and so will the reasons she needs it. I am sorry, but I spent a lot of money on someone this way, and it is not just money, it is the time and expectations you lose. There are many nice people out there, but I don't feel that she is one. I don't mean to be cruel to her, but it is better to stop now than regret it later. At best follow Steven's advice and take it very cooly and slowly and don't send money. If she is genuine and will understand.
              Good luck whichever way you play it, hope this works out for you even if she is not the one (yet)


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                Internet cafe costs about $1 for an hour of internet time. Just came back from Sevastopol, used several cafes.

                I have a different problem. I got out my money because there were so many things my love and her son needed. Then, I helped her friend. And, her Mom. Now, they ask for one thing after another. I make a purchase of something for them, and they immediately ask for something else. Even though everything is so dirt cheap there it hasn't amounted to much money, I need to nip this problem in the bud.

                I made a fuss when the son did not thank me when I bought him a pile of model airplanes.

                Go over there. Through the agency you can meet 25 in a week, for very little expense. Try


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                  That experience you've just relayed is not good Rick. You ought to take a fresh and cool look at the whole show. People who have a high regard for you will not use you.
                  (This might be the second time you've agreed with me in a week, is this a record ?)


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                    If I were Jcam, I would give ukraine a miss (for that purpose anyway) Real people never ask for money, or anything else either. Take Irina's advice.


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                      OK people. I'm back with a question. It is not the exact same type as talked about here but it is related for our quest to find lovely Ukrainian women. As some of you know I intend to go there in a few months. Just finishing things off in san Diego. Now what I need to knoe is does anyone have a phone directory. I have a phone number of a girl with an Odessa address. Now most of the city codes for Odessa girls are 482, but her city code numbers is 487. Could this be a typo or does Odessa have more than one code. So far I have failed to get anyone at the 482 number. The 487 doesn't seem to be working either.

                      Talk to me good buddies.


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                        Try both numbers at one or two in the morning your time.


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                          I have several times with the 482 number. It just rings many times then switches to what sounds like our busy signal. The 487 number was answered once but they couldn't understand me and then hung up. I just figured that one of Real Ukrainians on the board would have a quick answer.


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                            Need Opinion

                            Hey all, just wanted to thank everyone for there help, I have sent another email too her with my home address, and if she is serious as she says she is, then she will contact me...again thanks everyone.



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                              you will never hear from her. instead, continue to call her and just level with her that you are a little hesitant to send money at this time.

                              unfortunately, it has become common knowledge over there that Westerners can send money and they aren't exactly scammers if they ask for some. just in poor taste. if you look for perfection, you will not find anyone there. they are different, naive, desperate, .....and very, very lovely if you take the time to learn to understand them.