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  • Lugansk


    I have a few questions about Lugansk. I'm interested in a girl from Lugansk however, I'm not sure if she's for real or a scam (you hear stories!), I'd like to know the following:
    1. Does the following address seem correct (I have changed the real address to a fake one since it has offended an individual however the address-pattern remains the same):

    Ukraine,T. Lugansk
    Any street
    Any House # , Any flat #

    Second, I'd like to know in general how girls are in lugansk.

    I appreciate any help.

    [Edited by Cotopaxi on 29th December 2001 at 05:43]

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    You would disrespect someone and put their exact address on the internet? How disgusting!!!!!
    If you are ever unsure, educate yourself about that city before insulting and endangering a person like that.
    What do you think the countless search engines of the intentet are for?


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      I didn't mean to disrespect anyone. I believe, this is what a discussion forum is so that like-minded people can share information. Anyways, I will remove the address (as I'm sure it's incomplete address anyways) since it has offended you that much!!

      BTW, I did perform extensive search on internet before I decided to ask for a "live" human being's help.


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        I'm glad you have decided to remove this womans very personal info. I'm sure you wouldn't feel happy if someone posted your exact location on the internet, especially if you were a female, it is a huge security risk.
        I will try to find the city map of Lugansk for you, maby you'll find something this way.
        Did this woman give you her phone number, any other info?
        There are specific websites that actually have names, photos, other specific info of individuals and groups that have been known to commit fraud (marriage agencies, introduction services).
        I'll try to come up with some of those links for you.
        In the mean time, call her personally, see if she could answer more of your questions by phone.


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          Thanks, Irinka. I really appreciate your help!

          Actually, I looked at the map of Lugansk on internet. I've seen some photos and stuff also. The girl gave me her phone number sometime ago so I called her and had a nice conversation with her but then she started sending me loving emails so I told her that I'm looking for an honest girl and appearance is secondary to me. I also told her it's hard to believe anyone who sends such loving emails without even seeing the person. She stopped talking to me for about three weeks and told me that she was honest with me and wonders why I didn't believe her and now she's going to village to see her granny. I felt bad about making her upset so I apologized and sent her like 10 emails and called her so many times but there was no answer. A few times, a guy picked-up the phone and hung-up (mainly due to language problem)

          I sent her a final email wishing her the best and regretting my loss and then after a few days, she replied!....she told me that she was sick and also that her phone was not working due to non-payment and now she has a new number so I called her at the new number and things went back to normal. These days, she's sending me extremely loving emails which creates doubts in my mind. Also, I checked out a black list of agencies and russian/ukrainian girls on internet and I found out that Lugansk is full of scam girls. I've offered this girl to send her anything she wants from here (just to evaluate her honesty), she hasn't asked for anything yet.

          I really like this girl but I don't wanna be blind like lots of other people who have been scammed unfortunately. I know once I have established trust in her, all this investigation will be behind me.

          Sorry for such a lenghty note. I think what I want to do is compare her new phone number against her home address in white pages to verify the information she has provided so far and I couldn't find any white pages of Lugansk on the net.

          Thanks for your help, friend.


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            Hi Cotopaxi
            I've been writing and talking to a lady from Lugansk. I am also planning a trip to visit. If you would like some information, please send me an email at




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              Thanks, Ken. I'll send you an email sometime today.


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                Be Carefull !!
                I am sorry if I sound like I am putting damper on your experiences, but be very careful what you are doing. I met a girl from Lugansk on the net and have been there to meet her and she has come here (UK) for Christmas. When we met she wanted me to buy her loads of things (mobile phone clothes etc) and it got worse when she came here. I find it hard to believe that she wrote the letters she did as she seems completely different from the person I met through email. He stories also began to fall apart (she began to contradict what she had written in her letters and what she told me when we met in Kiev/Lugansk). It was a shame, as I really loved her letters, but now doubts that she was probably the author. My friends were shocked by her behaviour- we had written to each other for 8 months before we met and I had done the usual internet check, had telephoned her many, many times and thought that I had found the right person, but I was mistaken. Looking back now I can see where I went wrong, but I was somewhat blind to this at the time it was all happenening. I met many kind and friendly people in Ukraine, I think I was just unlucky in the person I met- it happens whatever country you are in ! If you want to email me, I can give you the benefit of my limited experience, but if it stops you making the same mistake I made, it may be time well spent. Of course it may not apply to your situation, and I hope it dosen't, but I spent a great deal of money supporting her when her son was ill only to wonder now just what it was I was sending money for. We all want to believe what we hope for, but all that glitters is not always gold. I wish you good luck anyway.


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                  Thanks. I appreciate your feedback. I wrote to this girl as a different person a few days ago and guess what....I recieved an almost identical reply that I had received when I wrote her as real-me. It seems that she has auto-reply feature on for every email that she receives. The agency also doesn't seem reliable. They go by the name "Agency Journey" and "Heart's Journey". Anyways, I haven't broke the news to her yet that I've become aware of what's goin' on but I intend to do so.

                  Respectfully, couldn't you find anyone else who seemed honest and nice when you visited Ukraine (since you mentioned that you met with many kind and friendly people)?



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                    You have saved yourself major heartache - i do similar tests as well and the same thing has happened - generic e_mail's and i am writing to know one else and some have undying love for you after 1 or 2 e_mails.

                    I don't blame them i suppose as most i feel are genuine in want they want but also want to cover their bases.

                    Just don;t be caught out by the scammers as there are numerous sites which provide details of these woman and agencies whose ethics are somewhat questionable.

                    Best bet is if you go plan to meet a number of woman as it is impossible to tell what someone is like from e_mails/pictures and a few phone conversations and to set your heart on one could lead to major disappointment and damage to your bank account.


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                      Thanks Ross.

                      Well, I successfully broke her scam and I was able to save big chunk of money. I think, it's our responsibility to break these scammers and bring them into open and report them to whatever resources of such information exist on internet.


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                        I am sorry that the girl you were writing to turned out to be a scam, but it is better you find out early on, than go further down the road of money and the associated heartache when it all goes wrong.It is difficult to judge such people and their true motivation- perhaps it is pure and simple greed, or perhaps it is much more complex than this- I guess we will never really know. By contrast however, and to show that not all the people are scammers, I met a lovely girl from Odessa at about the same time. I was hoping to visit her, but she fell ill for some weeks and we lost contact for a while. Whether this is romance I don't know, I just enjoy her emails. She has her own email address through work and her English is full of spelling and gramatical mistakes (but then can I write to her in Russian ?), but I know they are genuine and from her. We have become good friends over the last 6 months and hope to visit her in Odessa and for her to see the UK. This time, it is for friendship and if anything happens, great, if not, I have made a good friend. Looking back on what happened to me, I can see important differences that I was blind to before. Natasha (lets call her that for argument's sake) didn't ask for money in the beginning and wrote long a beautiful letters. She did not profess to love me after 6 letters, but the letters soon became short and money begain to enter into our correspondence. She became very short with me if I questioned her about this, and seemed most happy to hear me on the phone when I was calling with the WU control numbers. Still we learn. My friend has never mentioned or asked for assistance only saying she will have to save to come here. Translation is always a problem (especially if done by computer !) and I don't think there were any checks I could have made short of hiring a private detective (which would still have been cheaper in the long run). I think there comes a point when you have to bite the bullet and trust that niggle in the back of your head. I am glad that you have followed you own instincts here. Don't give up though ! I made a few good friends I still write to, and I found I met people of wonderful generosity and humour, so I have no regrets about visiting, I just wish things had worked out differently. I mean no disrespect to Lugansk, but you haven't missed much by not going there, there are other places I would recommend, and I did enjoy Kiev very much and would like to spend more time when I visit again.I wish you luck for the future- if anything, just go, you will not regret you visit, and I doubt you will be alone for long.


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                          Thanks Andrew.

                          You're right. All of them are not scammers however, it seems there's a big number of scammers in eastern european countries especially Russia and Ukraine. Most of the time, it's not hard to distinguish between the good ones and the scammers. I look at the kind of clothing they wear in their photos. If it's too revealing, I don't write to them. A traditional russian girl would never appear half-naked on internet. Second, if a girl asks for money, it's clearly a scam even if her reasons sound legitimate. Recently, one girl wrote to me and said in her first email that she's not into any games and she will accept me only as a friend first and see how things go. It sounds appealing and true however, I had my doubts right from the very first email. Guess what? In the second email, she expressed her love towards me and said that she won't be able to write anymore because she doesn't have money! On the other hand, I've been taling to a girl from Orel, Russia for a few months now and she has not said a single word of affection yet nor do I have to pay to communicate with her. And, in her last email to me, she told me that she's been talking to one guy for four years now and she has feelings for him. I respect this kind of honest girls.

                          Anyways, my hunt continues....


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                            Hi, I'm new to this forum but figured I should check it out since I've been writing to this girl from Lugansk for several weeks now. She seems to be a beautiful person and her letters do respond to what I say almost half of the time, but a lot of what she writes seems generic - it almost seems like a mix between the two. Anyway, I can accept all that if it is still genuine. But then one day she writes me a very intimate letter and I was about to buy it as real when near the end she called me "Dave" - and my name isn't Dave. I wasn't sure if she did that or the translator did that. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, because some of her letters definitely were in response to what I said. Now we are getting very close and it seems quite real. But at the same time I have to wonder if it is for real. The rates of her agency are quite high compared to most, over double.

                            So I guess what I would like to find out is if anyone else has talked to this particular girl. But I don't want to post her name here because that would not be right. Is there a place where people post the names of women who are actually scamming? Or is there another way to figure this out?


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                              Here is a website that I've found for the gentlemen on the lookout for scammers. It has a list of the disreputable agencies, and lists, descriptions, pictures, and sample letters from the individual scammers as well.