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What Do You Do On Your Weekends?

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  • What Do You Do On Your Weekends?

    Hello all. I was wondering what everyone does on their weekends, vacation or days off?

    Do any of you have hobbies, pastimes or interests? I know Andrew likes his fish, Bill loves his goats, and one member likes to shoot chipmunks ....rodents he calls them,

    I personally like to do fancy crochet and needlepoint; the latter being the kind that requires looking at a numbered sheet. The colours blend better and the finished work appears more realistic.

    Let us have some feedback.


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    Football, beer.


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      Ricky -

      . one of these days you'll learn not to waste words, hehehehe.

      Lilly - how did you guess? yes - Saturday is 'catchup day', when I do all those things that a self-employed person often fails to do during the week. Today had some rabid excitement :> my new tank has it's first two occupants!! A Brazilian Angel and a Simese Fighter. WHY? - 'cause the angels too big for her tank and the fighters too dangerous in the nursery tank - so they will serve as 'test cases' for the next week.

      Sunday I always keep a bit different to the other 6 and playing bass with the worship team is my delight. I then love to jump into the Alfa with my wife and drive off into the Country.............!!

      .....unless there's some football and beer - that makes the afternoon decision a bit more tricky !!hehehehe.

      Regards to all.

      Lil- you're keeping alive a worthy hobby....few people I know can still do it. My mother used to make some beautiful table cloths and knapkins, etc.


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        Fighting Fish

        Andrew, I recall that the Siamese fighting fish will attack other fish and even their own reflection. Is that true? If so, you may want to count your fishies every day.

        As for my crafts, I am interested in making Irish Lace. I have a book on it and it looks tough, but I shall master it.


        p.s. speaking of your when you back up. heheh


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          Siamese Fighters......

          yes Lilly - you're both right - and wrong.

          The females NEVER fight, but the males with fight OTHER FIGHTERS to the death. They still have contests in the far east as some have cock-fighting.

          Yes - show a fighter himself in a mirror and he'll flare up and go quite beserk!!

          I would never do a thing like THAT of course.....hehehe.


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            I was wondering if anyone attends church on Saturday or Sunday and which one? I just wanted to know what faith are people here. Thank you and God bless.


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              Originally posted by A_Nun
              I was wondering if anyone attends church on Saturday or Sunday and which one? I just wanted to know what faith are people here. Thank you and God bless.
              Football, beer


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                I hope they have football and beer in heaven, son.


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                  for me- -

                  Marlow Christian Fellowship - independent, but based on Baptist principals.


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                    Great to meet you.

                    I used to go to Assembly of God, I think it's similar, unless it's Southern Baptist?


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                      Hello from Ukraine, Poltava region (Poltavschyna)!
                      Usually we work in our country garden (about 5 ga). For the people, which work at factories, at schools, at offices it can be hobby. The best rest - change of occupation. For the pensioners it can be a way to provide livelihood for winter.
                      Some people like fishing. The young people sometimes arrange sortie to the nature


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                        Silkrem.......greetings .

                        I had the opportunity of going to a dacha last August that was lived in by one wonderful old Babushka. She was pulling up large garlic cloves - but I counted 46 (yes- 46) different vegetables, berries, etc. My mate and I were served chicken legs, buckwheat (gretchka) and salad.....and whole new fresh garlic cloves!!! I have never eaten garlic in this quantity before and on the train home, people were almost falling over our breath!!

                        Beautiful day - beautiful fresh food - but when winter hits - a VERY different story.

                        A_Nun: We are not 'southern Baptist (especially as we're in England!!) but all I will say is we follow God's Word the Bible right down the line, but keep up with the modern world -as Jesus said "Be IN the world, but don't be OF the world".

                        Regards to all,


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                          I don't mean it in a judgemental way, what do you mean keep up with the mordern world?


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                            No offence taken -

                            So many churches in England are so rooted to 'tradition' that they are shunned by 95% of the population. Churches are perceived purely as convenience places for "HATCHING, MATCHING AND DISPATCHING" !!, whereas a good church....and I believe that our church complies with this a place where young and old can feel 'at home', but also find that the leaders are aware of what's on around them and can relate to every aspect of every-day life. There are many things in the world we don't like - no-one does - SO WE SAY SO! and we don't try and hide away from difficult situations, but put everything in context with what God shows us in the Bible.

                            In other words - we show that God is relevant today - for today's people.



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                              In the Old Country it'd be real footie, Rugby League and as many Lion Reds as I can get down.

                              Here, it's sometimes fatty egg chasin' Rugby, but mainly the NZbird takes all me time.

                              Nun dude, is our belief patterns that important

                              Does you wear a wimple

                              Love the NZman
                              Love the NZman