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Any Ukrainian girls in Atlanta, Ga out there?

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  • Any Ukrainian girls in Atlanta, Ga out there?

    I love living in Atlanta, USA, but there aren't any Ukrainian girls down here. If there are any cool Ukie girls out there living in Atlanta that want to get together and speak a little "Ukie talk", reply ASAP.

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    I lived in Atlanta for a while. No parks. High crime rate. Terrible traffic. However,
    they do have the Buckhead Diner and Bones Steakhouse for a great meal. Afterwards, drive down the street to the Gold Club. Within the first five minutes you will not remember or care what planet you're on. Ask the girls there where they're from. I guarantee that you won't find a Ukrainian in the place. It's the search that's important.

    Happy hunting,
    Brad K.


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      Thank you Kuhlenberg.


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        I feel for you, man. You might try looking up a foreign language school like Inlingua or Berlitz. Often, their language instructors are from the country that the taught language is spoken in. It's worth a try.

        Good luck.


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          I've lived in America all my life. 30 years in New York and the past 3 in Atlanta. You know as well as I do, having lived in Atlanta yourself, that meeting girls is definitely not a problem down here. I just want to meet a Ukie girl. There don't seem to be many down here. There is a Ukrainian Orthadox church in Daluth, Ga. I think that I'll start attending mass there, but getting up early on a Sunday morning is going to be a chore. I'll give the foreign language school a shot also. Thanks for your reply.

          Alex H.